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Issue: April 2012
What does YOUR creativity have to do with the future of our species?

By Susannah

Everything! The creative impulse inherent in the universe is developed in our species to a powerful degree. It’s free expression and development was squashed in many of us by the kind of education which was designed to create participants of the industrial age.

The good news is that the unique, creative potential latent in each of us may be suppressed, but it is still there, awaiting the right conditions to blossom. We witness such blossomings, in our work over and over again, and often, it does not take very long, given the right conditions. Another name for Movement Medicine could be “The Resurrection of Creativity”.

Being on the consumerist treadmill as producers or consumers does not necessitate much creativity. We can easily participate without being aware of where what we buy comes from, what benevolent or abusive systems our spending choices support. Our food, our things, our clothes seem to “appear”, our rubbish seems to “disappear”. But, as we know, but can so easily forget, they do not. Our economic system means it is entirely possible to avoid awareness of the costs, or benefits of our choices.

Looking on the other side of the equation, to be freely connected with one’s own inherent, vital, creative spark does not make one a good, obedient consumer. What supports this is rather a sense of need, inner lack, hunger for meaning and a robotic sense of needing to “keep up” with the crowd. But this orientation is devouring our home (earth) and deadening our souls.

What if, instead of knowing yourself as someone who needs and wants more ‘things,’ you knew yourself as an inspired creator, a being at the edge of the evolutionary wave, forever falling into new horizons. What if you knew your contribution was unique and essential? What if you allowed the joy of cultivating and making your own contribution to fill your life; singing, dancing, laughing, and loving along the way? What if you knew that you were thus playing your part in the evolution of our species? Our whole curriculum is devoted to supporting people to finding their own way with this. 

My Ongoing Group, The Journey of Empowerment, has, at its core (as those of you who have been on it know well!) this empowerment of creativity and inner alignment, which over and over again has revealed the beautiful, powerful latent creative talent in each one of us (yes you too!), and the power of co-creation which emerges naturally in the right conditions.

I’ll end with these words from Swami Niranjan (whose wonderful words we discovered in South Africa behind the sun visor of Samantha Brauer’s car, (thank you Samantha!) which are very relevant to true empowerment as we understand it; the empowerment to align your purpose, guidance, your heart and your action as you make your life an offering back to life. Here he is:


“What is spirituality and what is the role of spirituality in our lives?

For many people, spirituality can take the form of meditation, the form of prayer or the form of a belief.

But what is the meaning of spirituality in its true sense?

We know that human beings function at three levels: at the level of the head or intellect, at the level of the heart or feeling, and at the level of the hands or performance.

True spirituality manifests when the head, heart and hands are in harmony with each other.”

Swami Niranjan


Wishing you faith, courage, connectedness, mutual support and the joy of co-creation with life on your own path and look forward to dance with you when next we meet!








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