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Issue: April 2012
Why I am afraid of girls

By Roland

I should be more specific. The particular girls I am referring to are invariably aged between 8 and 10 years old and they are usually in pairs. One of them hisses at me as if I am a pantomime villain and the other follows up with a loud ‘tut tut’ of disapproval.

Regular readers of this newsletter will have probably guessed that I have been spotted again with a chainsaw chopping down some trees. The trees in question were two smallish sycamores in a piece of woodland that I own. The reason for their felling was both for their use as firewood and also to give more space for other, and in my opinion, more worthy trees to grow into. However, it seems that in the eyes of many, and the many here seems to include all young girls, the only ‘good’ thing one can do with trees is plant them and that woodland management when it involves felling trees is definitely reprehensible. One of the trees I was making more room for was a Tree of Heaven(Ailanthus vilmoriniana/altissima). By co-incidence we recieved an email a few days later from a friend in Nottingham saying that an application had been put into fell a Tree of Heaven from the front garden of the house that Susannah and Ya'Acov when they lived in Nottingham. Periodically, as the tree grows it causes a problem for the garden wall. Susannah and Ya'Acovs' solution was to pay money for rebuilding the wall and we would like to see the present owner do the same rather than felling such a wonderful tree. See the bottom of this article for further details about this.

After the two girls had gone, I stood for a while reliving a vivid memory of standing in a small school asphalt playground of my village school in Oxfordshire, a sharp pain in my throat caused by holding back tears, surrounded by a group of girls chanting:

‘Roly Poly Pudding and Pie

Kissed the girls and made them cry.’

To this day I cannot remember what I had done to earn this punishment. My reverie was broken by the approach of a local man walking his dog. We talked for a while about the merits of different types of chainsaw and then about the value of sycamore as a wood for burning. “Terrible wood,” he commented, “No flame and no heat.” A few minutes later a young man with dreadlocks wandered along. He spoke enthusiastically for a few minutes about how he really appreciated some hazel stands, which I had coppiced a few years earlier and now standing magnificent with about 100 wands reaching about 7 feet up into the air. “You don’t see that so much these days,” he commented and then he looked at the sycamore that I had felled and said “Wonderful wood – lots of heat and good flame too!”

These absolutely contradictory views reminded me of how it seems that the Movement Medicine’s community view of Facebook has changed recently. Two years ago I stood up at the closing ceremony of the Summer Long Dance and announced that some of the photos that had been taken would appear on the Movement Medicine Facebook site. There was a brief moment of silence and then a murmur of discontent which grew in volume and was joined by catcalls and the kind of hissing that I usually only receive from small girls when they see me cutting down trees. Later, someone took me to one side and explained to me in tones reserved for those who make unintended racist or sexist remarks why Facebook was a terrible site and that we shouldn’t ever use it or promote it. To be quite honest, I didn’t really understand the reasoning but certainly the sentiment was absolutely clear. In a similar way before the start of the last Apprenticeship in the summer of 2009 I set up a Facebook group just for participants to use. It was a failure and hardly anyone used it and within a few weeks they set up their own site on Ning. So prior to this current Apprenticeship, the first module of which begins on Saturday 7thApril, we set up a Ning Group for them to use. Would you believe it, within a few weeks they had set up a Facebook Group for themselves which seems to be far more popular than the Ning site. Ah well, Ning or Facebook I don’t mind. If you not happy using Facebook that is completely OK with us. We hope this newsletter helps you feel part of the ongoing Movement Medicine dialogue. I will certainly be burning the sycamore wood in two years’ time when it has dried out. The scout information website tells me it ‘burns with a good flame with moderate heat. And please always call me Roland never Roly.

Actually, it would seem from the doubling in numbers of our Facebook members from just under 500 a year ago to near a 1000 now, that attitudes have changed. If you are not already a member and wish to join, go to Facebook, look up Movement Medicine, then find the group and put in a request to join it.

In a similar way numbers are growing for our Webinar group. The next webinar takes place on Tuesday 3rd April at 7.30 pm UK time. It onlycosts£35 for 10 webinars and there is a facility so that those who sign up can catch up on any webinars they miss. If you sign up and then find it’s not for you we will give you your money back provided that you tell us within 5 days of your first webinar. Click here to sign up Some people are getting together so they can dance as a group and others are finding the webinars useful to dance at home on their own. A common piece of feedback is that the webinar helps to foster a feeling of being part of a larger community of dancers and like-minded humans.

It seems strange that just as the new Apprenticeship Group is about to start, we are busy planning the next one which will begin in September 2014. But it is important for us to do this in order to give people time to plan how they are going to do the pre-requisite work. We are changing the requirement a little for the next Apprenticeship. In addition to theJourney of EmpowermentOngoing Group,Initiationand thePhoenix Retreatwe will also ask people to complete theS.E.E.R Process. In order to facilitate this, we are also going to make theS.E.E.R Processavailable as a weekend workshop. We still have places left for this year’sJourney of Empowermentwhich will be heldin Switzerland starting in May and for Initiation which will take place in our new purpose-built dance studio at the Rill Estate starting Aug 31st to September 9th.

If you are interested in either of those courses you can find out more by following the links or contact me phone 01803 762255. It is possible to get a discount of up to £165 if you book forInitiationby May 1st.

Also Coming Soon.

April 20 – 22nd. Munich. Susannah.Source. (The Dance of Sexual Energy) Contact: Claudia +49 89

April 20 – 22nd. Warsaw. Ya’Acov.The Way of the Dancing Warrior. Contact: Olga +48 509 774

May 10thDublin Ya’Acov.Pachamama Symposium. Contact: Kate + 353 83 370

May 11 - 13thDublin Ya’Acov.For All Our Relations. Contact: Kate + 353 83 370

May 17thThun, Switzerland, Ya’Acov.Ascension. Contact: Katriona +41 33 676

May 18th– 20thLuzern, Switzerland, Ya’Acov.The Way of the Dancing Warrior. Contact: Katriona +41 33 676

May 18th - 20th Denmark. Susannah,E-Motion: Dancing with the Heart of the World. Contact: Bina +45 22 84 88 22

May 25th– 27thLondon Ya’Acov.E-Motion: Fire in the Heart: Contact: Alex + 44 7868842219

June 31st - July 2nd. Israel. Poetry of Presence.  Contact Aviya +972-9-7418203

Hoping we see you on a dance-floor some time soon


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