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Issue: April 2012
Letter from Sarah Wearden

Dear Friends,

I had the great honour of hearing Polly Higgins speak last night. Some of you I imagine will be aware of her. I wasn't and it was just by chance that I ended up at her talk, in a very small gathering in Oxford. I came away incredibly moved, inspired and relieved and feeling she is one of the most important people living on the planet in playing her part in helping making a change. She is bringing through something very important.

Polly spoke at the end of how what she has been birthing, needs and wants to pollenate(or pollynate as some one has joked) ..and she asked that we spread the word. So here I am.

For those not knowing Polly she is a lawyer and has taken on Mother Earth as her client. She is in the process of implementing a law against ecocide...what she sees as the 5th crime against Peace. Just as genocide became a crime, not so long ago. She is currently working towards the next Earth Summit, in Rio in June. She has an enormous heart, an incredible mind, and wealth of knowledge and is communicating in such a simple way a solution to what I have seen as a huge and complex problem. Any acts that are damaging to Mother Earth will become a crime and this is how it will be stopped.

And the amazing layer of this work for me is that is not about bringing the CEO's to court and punishment, its bringing in restorative justice and helping those powerful people at the top shift their work from destructive to creative business.

I'm still absorbing all that she talked about, I'm not a lawyer and i'm only just begging to grasp all of the if you want to find out more here are the resources...

Here are the websites:

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