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Issue: March 2011
Coaching for Dance and Change

By Caroline Carey

As an ecstatic dancer I've spent my last 17 years visiting workshops, classes and events delving deeper and deeper into this mysterious dance practice that is thousands of years old and spent my time re-connecting to that part of my history and ancestry. As well as it being fascinating and exciting, there were times when I was hurtled into unknown places and challenged with many new changes in both my body, heart, psyche and mind.

Things in my life would change dramatically and I would sometimes be unsure how to handle them. And then most of the time I would be happily dancing away, always ready for a new adventure and time to meet with the colleagues, friends and fellow dancers that I met on those many dance floors.

I always returned afterwards to the 'grounding' of family life, with my six children and found myself having to 'get on with it all' often alone again without the community I had just had this extraordinary experience with. I could even find myself hurriedly making plans for the next one, eager to relive that experience and get my next fix!

Wonderful, but I often found that after a workshop I could experience a sense of loss. Something was missing maybe, others did not really understand what had happened to me and yet there I was changed, different, relating in other ways that some people where not used to.

Maybe I even spoke a new 'language' at times that was not understood. I wanted to be with the people I loved but I wasn't sure how to be. Even my own counselor could not help me hugely at times because he did not know what I had just experienced. He was not an ecstatic dancer.

The dance does change us, for the better we always hope, but it has its journey and unraveling to do, changing our cellular structure and sometimes leaving others unsure around us, about what this new change really is.

How do we deal with this, as well as look after ourselves and the decisions we may need to make.

Have you ever experienced any of this yourself?

If you have, or you feel you may be on this kind of journey, would it help to share some of this with some one who has experienced this work on a deep-core and life changing level?

Who knows the ups and downs as well as the absolute delight.

I work closely with the School of Movement Medicine as a coach for its dancers. I also teach Movement Medicine and trained as a 5 Rhythms teacher in year 2000. The coaching was set up a few years ago when we realized that there was a need for people to be able to share, ask for advice or generally get some support after the workshops. Particularly the intense ones.

So I am here doing just that. I offer one to one Skype or telephone calls, at the times that suit you. You can be in any country around the world although I am limited to English.

Please let me know if you are interested and we can set up a preliminary half hour chat free of charge to begin with and to see if this is something you would like to do.

Email me at or call +44 (0) 770 251 3679.

Warm wishes to you all and happy dancing, Caroline

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