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Issue: March 2011
Movement Medicine Shop

By Susannah

The Movement Medicine Shop takes off into new realms, loads of stunning new music available as MP3s,  listen to these by Laor Oman-Naharin and Simric Yarrow  and get inspired! (click on the name)

To hear the rest go to:

all the Musical Mosaic Collection is sold to support the One World Mosaic

And there are the Cape Town dancers singing "All the Earth is Sacred", which we will sing at Shamantics….

Happy listening, singing and dancing!

Oh, and if you are on the Movement Medicine Facebook page, then you’ll get notifications every time we add a new track or product.If you want to join go look up Movement Medicine when you are in Facebook and put in an application to become a member.

Be well and happy!

Love! Susannah, Frazer and David K!

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