School of Movement Medicine - Mindfulness in Motion
Issue: February 2012

A Medicine Gift
By Roland

Some time in the middle of January I confessed to a friend that I wasn’t looking forward to Susannah and Ya’Acov returning to the UK.

“Why’s that?” my friend replied. “Has the power of running the School of Movement Medicine on your own gone to your head?”

“No.” I replied, wondering whether expelling someone from the Movement Medicine Facebook site for posting advertisements about hamburgers and the decision I had made to order new Webinar cards really constituted exercising power. “No. It definitely is not that.”

“So what is the reason?” my friend asked.

I explained that about a week before Christmas I had caught a cold. I had struggled manfully with it for a few days then I succumbed, declared I must have flu and disappeared under the duvet for 2 days. I drifted in and out of sleep, numbed by pain killers. I would wake periodically wondering what time it was, become fascinated for a few moments by the discarded tissue mountain growing by the side of the bed and then by the patterns of the stains of the cough medicine on the sheets. Each time I woke I would be aware that in my dreams I had been trying to solve what was clearly an insolvable problem – numbers that would never add up mixed with shapes that could never fit together. I would then take more pills and more cough medicine, roll over and firmly resolve to have different dreams, return to sleep and go back to exactly the same kind of insolvable problems.

On the second day in bed my resolution to have a different dream finally worked:

I was standing on a battlefield and fighting one of those epic battles beloved by modern film makers using CGI, where the forces of good and evil are spread across some vast plain with banners flying. The expectant defiant faces of my loyal troops looked up at me – their cheering voices mixed with sounds of trumpets and bugles blaring the advance. “Let the battle commence!” I cried.

For hour after hour I sent in all the forces I had at my disposal – Roman legionnaires, tank divisions, helicopter gunships, Special Forces on sabotage missions, elephant charges, robot avatars, some very beautiful but rather irritating elfin archers and repeated charges by the US cavalry. Periodically, I would retire to the control centre and consult with my staff. For many hours it would seem that we were losing. The monster invaders were not only still arriving in ever increasing numbers, it seems that they were breeding faster than we could kill them. “We need a secret weapon.” I declared. “A biological weapon.” I descended to the depth of the command bunker to a laboratory where I was handed a small vial containing some green liquid. Written on the side in small handwritten turquoise ink were the words “Mix with water and spray on alien invaders.”

Finally, victory was mine. I stood on a small hill at dawn peering out across the plain through a veil of mist and smoke.

“Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh dear.” The words were spoken in a pronounced Birmingham accent and belonged to a short stocky man with Union Representative written on his cap. “What have you done here? Have you any idea how long it’s going to take to get this lot cleared up? Especially with the Christmas and New Year holidays coming up.”

As the sun rose in the sky it became easier to see the scene of devastation. “See that pit over there,” said the Union man pointing to a vast lake where the dying bodies of the green monsters were floundering in a yellow bubbling soup. “Each one of those is going to need to be removed individually by a special team of operatives wearing expensive protective clothing. This is going to take weeks. You should have spoken to us first before you started this silly war of yours.”

On waking I felt much better. My fever was gone but the dream stayed with me and it was immediately apparent to me that the vast lake we had been looking at was my congested chest. Over the next few days I developed one of those very nasty chesty coughs. Speaking to Susannah and Ya’Acov on the phone they expressed some concern for me and recommended that I go to a certain acupuncturist. “Thanks for that,” I replied “If it doesn’t clear up in the next few days I will definitely do that.”

Days and weeks passed – Susannah and Ya’Acov went to South America – but still the cough wouldn’t go away. Every so often I considered phoning the acupuncturist but the words of the Union man from my dream had somehow put me into a fatalistic frame of mind where I felt I would have to see this out on my own, without outside help. Hence my confession to my friend that I was not looking forward to Susannah and Ya’Acov coming home. I really did not want them to know I still had my cough and that I had not been to the acupuncturist.

On the day of their return I got a phone call from them. “We are just on our way home. We’d liked to drop in and catch up and we have a small present for you.” “How wonderful!” I replied. Throughout the hour of their visit I manfully supressed any sign of my cough even managing to survive bouts of laughing as they described bus drives high in the Andes on un-tarmacked roads full of potholes. After they had gone my body decided that it would do all the coughing it had missed during the previous hour. My beloved looked at me in some alarm “You really are going to have to do something about that cough.” “I will,” I said “I am going to use some of this wonderful medicine that Susannah and Ya’Acov have given me,” I said picking up the package they had brought me from Peru.

I am very pleased to be able to tell you all that the medicine worked and a few days later my cough had gone. Oh you want to know what the medicine was? OK I will let you in on the secret. It was the finest Peruvian coffee. Well it worked for me!

Susannah and Ya’Acov are again in the Southern Hemisphere. There are in South Africa for most of the month and have a very busy teaching schedule. You should be able to get updates from them on the Movement Medicine Facebook site.

In March they are back in the UK and the first workshop they will be teaching is the Phoenix Retreat. This will take place at the Rill Centre on 4th – 11th March. We have a few places left, so if you have done the pre-requisites for this workshop (Initiation or the Journey of Empowerment) please feel welcome to apply for a place. Application forms are available from Roland at

On the 13th March they will be teaching the next Webinar. These webinars are proving very popular and we have now published the new dates for the rest of the year at The cost is £35 for 10 webinars. If after the first webinar, you find it is not for you, you can get a full refund if you let us know within 48 hours of that webinar.

Later in the month Ya’Acov is off to Switzerland where he will be teaching the SEER Process workshop. This exciting intensive workshop will be residential at the Waldhaus Centre from 19th -24th March. There are still places available for this workshop. We also have 2 bursary places on offer. Please get in touch with Roland if you want to enrol. Roland 00 44 1803 762255 There is an article by Ya’Acov elsewhere in this newsletter about the SEER Process.

Susannah will be teaching in Germany. First she is going to Berlin where she will be teaching the Arc of Time workshop. To book contact Kathrin on 00 49 30 28458820 Then she will go to the Isle of Sylt where she will be teaching her residential workshop for women Sanctuary on the 29th March – 1st April. To book this workshop please contact Petra 00 49 4651 871276 or

The same weekend 30th March – 1st April Ya’Acov will teach the Way of the Dancing Warrior in Paris. To book and for more details contact Pierre-Henri 00 33 615 325 816

To see the programme for the rest of the year please go to

We are also taking booking for Susannah's Onoging Group Journey of Empowerment,  the Summer Long Dance 5th – 9th July and Initiation August 31st to 9th September. Please email Roland at for an application form.

Spring is round the corner. Feel the beat in your feet and join us on the dance floor.


Our amazing January in Ecuador and Peru
By Susannah

There is so much I want to share with you and so much to say! Where to begin? Do I start with me falling in love with 2 bulls, as I learnt how to plough with them in a little field in San Clemente, a community high in the Ecuadorian Andes? Or how it was to drift silently in a canoe down a tributary of the Amazon, with pink river dolphins blowing and arcing around us in the water?

Or do I start with meeting the Achuar in their territory deep in the rainforest, including a beautiful, quiet, strong shaman who greeted us as colleagues and held the space as we lay on our banana leaves under the Amazonian night sky? Or how it was simply to be in the pristine rainforest - to feel its wholeness and wellness and vibrancy and life, and to feel it stretching for 100’s of miles around us?

Or shall I begin with how, on New Year’s Eve, Ya’Acov and I were invited to sing a song at the gathering of 400 or so members of San Clemente’s local community in their school’s yard? (Taita Inti). Or how it was doing the Hussle and singing Bambalela and All the Earth is Sacred for the Achuar? (Hilarious, wonderful and deeply heartful, in that order!). Or doing ceremony in a 4000 year-old temple in Peru, again high in the Andes, on the banks of the headwaters of the river Amazon, where the vibration was total, absolute, unconditional love, joy, creativity and balance? (I’m recalibrated.) Or the jewelled turquoise humming birds who blessed us? Or how it was to watch a woman washing quinoa and her deep thoroughness and total engagement with her work with not an ounce of rush or hurry in her being? (A totally new reference point of embodied action in peace). Or how it was to spend a whole month continuously with my taurean (there’s a theme here!) beloved and hold hands with him for hours everyday. (Like a teenager in love).

Or the moment when I had made a movement medicine mandala out of stones on the beach, and as I prepared to give it back to the sea a huge pelican flew right by me and looked me straight in the eye. I do believe my first stone would have hit it had I not looked up - (now what does THAT mean?). Or the wonderful ancient and tiny shaman called Maria Juana (really!) with whom we had a mutual falling into love. We ended up hugging and sobbing in each other’s arms as she cried “Mamita! Papito!” (“Little Mother! Little Father!”) (Communion.) Or the experience of being totally, rapturously still and silent for long periods for the first time in my life? (Yes……! )

Or how it felt to fall in love with the waters, over and over, and to witness, as well as their strength and aliveness, their pollution, over and over, even high in the Andes? (Tears falling as I sang the waters song and that line: “we shed sweet tears for our ignorant ways” was totally right.) Or energetically falling into a tree by a glacial lake at a place our guide called the “Heaven’s Gate”? (I felt the tree of life like never before - the ecstasy of the branches, the satisfied delving of the roots, and the way the tree seemed so happy to have me inside it, and me so happy to have tree inside me, and how slowly, gently and respectfully we eventually disengaged). Or how it was to see my husband by my side in that 4000 year old temple up at 12,000ft with Llamas grazing in the ruins, and to feel such immense gratitude for him that my heart burst. I knew I could never have done, or do, what I do and will do without him. Or how we walked into the gathering square of that temple and I felt such joy that I simply had to run. I began to run in circles around Ya’Acov, then he about me, then both together galloping a great circle opposite each other, until the altitude had me gasping on my knees, seeing the universe being dissolving and being born anew, our marriage re-consecrated. I’m so enjoying sharing with you some of the key moments of our journey, so I’ll just keep going! I’m writing them down for you as I remember them, so this is “pop corn” style, no particular order, just as they “pop!”

This temple high in the Andes was a revelation. Here was a culture which was came to fruition 4000 years ago, where feminine and masculine were honoured in balance, where ceremony was used to release individuals into their creativity. Where violence does not seem to have featured. Where love was at the centre of everything. Where people came from a long distances (and I tell you, it was hard enough in our mini bus, rattling away for hours on those untarmac’d roads. It was like sitting on an erratic pneumatic drill, and then the altitude as we went up to 15,000ft! At least we could hold hands!) from many different cultures and language groups to partake in ceremony, over a long time frame. And we’d not even heard of it! The creativity that streamed out of this place is recognisable in the style of artwork which emanated in great vigour from it. Many individual styles, and some recognisable. Unity and diversity.

When we were in ceremony with the Achuar, I saw the forest, in its luminous, iridescent, light filled, green beauty. I saw the waters. I felt the life. It breathed through me. I felt the privilege and blessing of being alive in the midst of this vast tract of unlogged pristine forest and wild bio diversity. I felt an extraordinary deep peace. I felt blessed.

Later, in the night, suddenly, unbidden, I had a different sort of vision. I saw a bus hurtling through the forest on a rough road. It was going at speed, and Achuar warriors were attacking it. Spears and arrows were glancing off the windows. And still it came on. As I witnessed this, which I knew was the Achuar defending their territory against the incursions of the oil industry, I heard what I call the “teacher voice”. It said: “Susannah, tell them if they have to fight, then they do, but tell them it is equally important to communicate with the world why they are fighting.” I logged this dream and the message for the morning, and returned to the bliss of breathing in the stillness.

Before I go on, there are some things I need to explain so that the next bit makes sense. The Achuar have a history of being fierce warriors. They were so strong and resilient in repelling the Spanish conquistadors that they were left alone. In the 1990s their shamans began having dreams and visions about a grave threat. They knew, both from this, and from seeing and hearing about the damage done to their neighbours and their neighbours’ environment by the oil industry. So, they made a bold move. They reached out to the modern world for partnership. Some North Americans, including Bill and Lynn Twist heard their call. The Pachamama Alliance was born, at the request of the Achuar, to do two things, to protect their lands and forest, and to “change the dream of the north”. “Changing the dream of the north,” means finding a way to make conscious, challenge and change the unexamined operating assumptions of the acquisitive modern world that is leading to us collectively, ‘to eat up’ the resources of the earth far faster than they can be replaced. This little request (as you can imagine) at first puzzled the North American partners of the Pachamama Alliance, and eventually led to the creation of the “Awakening the Dreamer Symposium” which we first experienced with Bernadette Ryder, and has now become a treasured aspect of our work. To use Movement Medicine mandala speak, the “Awakening the Dreamer Symposium” helps us focus in a deep, intelligent, emotional and spiritual way on the 3rd dimension (how we relate to the wider community which includes all life on earth) and on the 4th, 5th 6th, gateways, (our relationship with past, present and future) and on the 7th, 8th and 9th gateways, (how do I fulfil my potential (7) in the context of inter-connectedness (8) and the oneness at the heart of it all? (9)).

And a bit more context…. The government of Ecuador, though it has enshrined the rights of nature in its constitution, has not made this into law. The Achuar, with the help of the Pachamama Alliance and the Fundacion Pachamama, have title to their land, and until recently it was believed that they and the forest of which they are the guardians was safe. But now the government has now sold off to Asian oil companies the rights to what is below the surface. And so the next round begins.

So, the day after the ceremony, we all met with the shaman, and in his house, one after another, we told him about what we had experienced in the ceremony, it was translated into Spanish, then into Achuar, the shaman gave his response, and it was translated back through the languages. After telling and receiving his comments on my experience, I gave him my vision and the message which had come with it. He told me that I had seen something which may be coming. Something which is a real possibility. He continued by saying that he is will protect the land and the forest with his life, for the sake of his people, his children, and for the whole earth. In reply to my communiqué about communicating to the world about “why” they may need to resist, he said “That is for you to do. Please speak for us, for the forest, for life. We will do what we can here. You (and he looked at all of us) please do what needs to be done to let the world know.” It took me some time to really take this in. Later, in Peru, on the way to the place our guide called the “top of the world” I heard again his words, framed like this: “We are the part of you that can look after and protect the forest here, on the ground. You are the part of us that can speak to the world”.

So here we are. It seems to be time. Our work is an encouragement to all of us, as individuals and as communities and as part of the community of life on earth, to find our own creative, heartful ways of becoming more conscious and playing our part (if each of us chooses it) to create a more healed whole world. And I know it’s scary and painful to acknowledge the crazy state of the world, and to risk the loneliness of becoming aware. The good news is, we are not alone. There are so many people waking up to the joy of taking responsibility, there are so many creative avenues waiting for someone to have the courage and imagination to dream them and say “YES!”.

Some of the creative ways we are involved in to stand up for life on earth are here:

Party and Prayer, a fund raising ceremony and party for the Achuar on March 17th and available for you wherever you are on the planet to tune in to by webinar and be able to pay a small amount to participate all of which will go towards the fund raising (see Ya’Acov’s article). We’ll send out details in our next newsletter at the beginning of March.

The One World Mosaic: A super positive way to speak out your love for life on earth and communicate and empower the politicians to make the choices that will protect life on earth for future generations.

And a wonderful way to access new music and support the Mosaic at the same time:

And the Awakening the Dreamer symposium, integrated with deep MM practice, is available with us at our Dancing With the Heart of the World workshops.

And the Journey of Empowerment, the start of the MM Apprenticeship journey, which this year begins in May in Switzerland.  This workshop is being booked by a great group of dancers.  You would be very welcome to join this intensive voyage on which we have seen many people flourish in recent years

And the Pachamama Alliance, see

We’ve felt the privilege and blessing of being alive now. It’s wonderful. It’s a sacred opportunity. I do not know yet what this means, except that step by step I and we will find out. This is a beginning. I want to ask you, our community, to join with us in your own way, and if you want, to help protect the forest. We know many of you are already involved in such work, and we are grateful for your love in action, however it is expressed.

Lots of love and wishing you every joy.

Susannah. February 2012.

P.S. Do check out our webinars (they are working well and are a real way to Bring the Dance Back Home. And sign up to the MM Facebook page if you want to stay in touch as things develop and add your voice!

Strength over Power
By Ya'Acov

We've just returned from spending a month travelling in South America. At the beginning of 2011 when doing my collage for the year ahead, I was surprised to see that some beautiful mountain ranges seemed to figure prominently in my collage.

We've been doing these New Year collages for the past 10 years. We make them without a plan following the whimsical ways of attraction guided by intention and seeing what shapes and stories emerge from the process. After they are complete we give our collages a voice, that is to say we speak as if we were the collage. It's at this point when the artwork seems to come to life and the intelligence that exists behind our normal consciousness becomes visible in a new way. As I spoke as Ya’Acov's collage, I found myself speaking about the need to be in the mountains. It was clear from the image that Ya’Acov needed to spend some time in the clear air away from the ‘noise’ of everyday life. It was clear that by the end of the year Ya’Acov would need some time away from his computer screen and away from teaching to be able to clear his mind, re-gather his strength and top up his resources for the year ahead. Furthermore, it was clear that we were to visit the Andes in South America, the Altai Mountains in Siberia, and the Himalayas in India.

At that point I had no idea how busy 2011 was going to turn out to be. It was a year in which we completed our first apprenticeship, carried out our first Teacher Training, began our work with the webinars, and went through the application process for our next Apprenticeship Programme, which starts in April. We did all this alongside our normal work schedule and much as we enjoyed the journey, it was certainly a stretch! It was also the year in which Susannah's parents fell ill in the summer and so our normal summer break was somewhat interrupted. I'm happy to report that Susannah's parents are now both very well, but as the winter approached, we both felt that we were in need of some timeout.

So we spent a quiet Christmas at home and then on December 27th, we set off for Quito, the capital of Ecuador, our first stop on the magical mystery tour we were about to embark upon. We had planned two consecutive journeys. The first was in Ecuador, with the Pachamama Alliance, and the second in Peru with a Shaman that I had been in touch with for the past few years. And, yes, we left our computers at home!

South America has been home to many extraordinary cultures, traditions and civilisations and for me, it has been a place where I have received healing upon healing. Our two journeys were a blend of ancient and modern. We met some of the mysteries of antiquity and we came face to face with the challenges we face today for our very survival as a species.

Ecuador is a remarkable country full of live volcanoes and magnificent landscapes, a mixture of peoples and cultures, and geopolitical stress lines caused by the hunger for oil. Our journey there was organised by the Pachamama Alliance, an organisation that has been a source of inspiration to us since we first heard about it from Bernadette Ryder many years ago. The Alliance was set up at the request of the Achuar people who live in two and a half million acres of pristine rainforest in Ecuador and Peru.

Through years of diligent work, the Pachamama Alliance were able to secure the Achuar people's right to their own lands. But the Achuar also asked Lynne and Bill Twist to think about how they may be able to, in their words, “change the dream of the North." The Achuar shamans had seen in their ceremonies that it was what we might call our collective story or dream that was driving the need for oil and the culture of consumption that it supports. As a result of this request, the Pachamama Alliance designed the fantastically effective Awakening the Dreamer symposium which we have integrated into our work over the past few years in the workshop called Dancing with the Heart of the World. To have the opportunity to go and meet the Achuar people, to be in ceremony with them and to exchange with them in their homeland, touched our hearts very powerfully and has had a deeply strengthening effect on how we feel about our work. Their land is once again under threat and as one of their Shamans, Don Rafael Taish, said to us, they are prepared to die to protect it. They do this not just for themselves but in reality, for all of humanity, for the rainforest and all that it holds is sacred in the truest nature of the word.

To be welcomed as friends into this community, and to be able to exchange with the shaman, who recognised both of us as colleagues and welcomed our support in ceremony, including asking us for to perform a healing for one of his grandchildren, has somehow strengthened the very heart and soul of the purpose of our work through the School of Movement Medicine. In the middle of the night, held by the peace and the melody of the forest, singing in ceremony with my new elder brother, there was nothing else I could do other than to pledge my support to these people, their home, and to all of our descendants who depend on us changing the way that we think, dream, and live. It's hard to put into words how I felt in that moment, but as I write, I notice my pulse racing, and I feel the deep love that seems to play its rhythm in my blood, reminding me of my pledge and urging me and all of us into action.

On March 17th, we plan to run a fundraising Party and Prayer night to raise money for the Achuar people to support them in their fight to protect their culture, their land, and the magnificence of the rainforest. We will let you know details as soon as we have them but we are planning to run this as an extra webinar event so that you can participate wherever you are on the planet. There are many important things in life and we know that these are difficult and challenging times but protecting the rainforests is an urgent and common need for all who care for life on Earth.

We want to thank the Pachamama Alliance for all their work over the past 20 years or so and to urge you, wherever you are, to get yourself as soon as you can to an Awakening the Dreamer symposium or a Dancing with the Heart of the World workshop so that you can experience first-hand for yourself the inspiration that is the direct result of their work. We are also in the early stages of dreaming up a Movement Medicine journey to Ecuador to meet the Achuar in their forest home. Needless to say, this won't be a holiday but a working time to deepen our commitment to serving life on Earth.

Our journey to Peru was no less inspiring. In a series of ceremonies as we travelled through the Andes, we had a necklace full of pearls of learning opportunities. From facing death to gaining a whole new perspective on the practices and rituals of ancient people, we were expertly guided towards the zenith of our pilgrimage. We were taken in ceremony to a 4000 year-old temple, surrounded by ancient guardians in the form of beautiful mountains, which is, without doubt, the most spiritually uplifting of places that I have ever had the joy to visit. It offers a template of balance; balance between feminine and masculine, between the lower, middle and upper worlds, between the spirits of the land and the spirit of life itself. We followed the ceremonial pathway that our ancestors walked and we both felt as if our very cellular structure was being recalibrated to a place that mirrored the poise and equilibrium of the place itself. At one point I said to our new friend, the shaman leading the pilgrimmage, that I felt as if my bones had been made in this place. The similarities between these ancient ceremonies and the ceremonies that have evolved in our own practice are remarkable. Just as the people who built this place had travelled there to find the source of the great Amazon River, our own pilgrimage to this place feels to me as if we travelled back in time to meet the very source of the Movement Medicine Mesa. The Maestros of this place left us an astonishing and compelling reminder of our capacity as human beings to overcome the temptations of power and instead, to dedicate the totality of our strength towards the service of the community of life.

The timing of this encounter was perfection itself. For many years I have been saying that it's almost impossible to find examples of people who have overcome the temptations and the corruptions of power. I can no longer say this. And this makes me a very happy man indeed. This past month has consisted of a perfect blend of teachings, a deepening of understanding, and a strengthening of the knowledge of who I am and what I'm here for. To be able to return home and to have in front of us an open channel into which we can pour the inspiration that we have received is a great blessing and I give thanks for it.

Whatever 2012 brings, I am certain that the dance and the dancer inside all of us will be more needed than ever. As we turn our attention towards our upcoming trip to South Africa, I wish to send out a blessing and a prayer in all directions. May you be well. May you know happiness. May you recognise that you are a blessing. May we all dance our dance, dream our dreams, and use the creative force that we have been given for the benefit of family, friends, community, and for all our relations. I look forward to seeing you somewhere on the road in 2012.

Ya’Acov. February 2012.

Ya’Acov’s Programme:

10-26 February A series of workshops and events in South Africa

4-11 March The Phoenix Retreat in Devon

13 March Bringing the Dance Back Home – Webinar

17 March Fundraising Party & Prayer Event for The Achuar People

19-24 March The SEER Process Intensive in Waldhaus, Switzerland

30 March – April 1 The Way of the Dancing Warrior in Paris

So what is the SEER Process all about?
By Ya'Acov

In our days at home in between returning from our month out and heading off for South Africa, we had the task of reconnecting with our computers. Don’t you love them? They are fantastically useful creations and infuriatingly demanding at times. I keep my calendar on the computer and it was a delight to have a month away.

Don’t get me wrong. My calendar’s a colourful and fascinating being, full of tasty adventures and invitations to create. Recently, I have noticed a new being appearing, stealthily working its way in to the organised rows and colour-coded bars that like to think they define my life. It’s a being I am only just beginning to get to know. And although it has been present in our summers for the past few years, it very rarely got a look in from September to July. This new being is called empty space. It has a whole outlook on life that is really very refreshing. It tells the story that empty spaces are vital, life-affirming necessities that give so much more verve, depth and effervescence to the rest of life’s ways. Perhaps it’s the effect of the fresh air I breathed in the forests and the mountains. Or maybe it’s that turning of the clock and passing of the years that makes it all the more important to sometimes just sit and do nothing and let everything rest in the eternal hum for a while. I’m grateful to all my dear friends who have been trying to teach me this for a while.

Whatever it is, I’m grateful that as long as we live, new tricks are indeed possible to learn. And so it is with this in mind that I wish to introduce you to one of Movement Medicine’s super useful tools: the SEER Process. SEER stands for systemic essential energy retrieval. It has its roots in the ancient practices of the Americas where sometimes, every now and then, someone would come along who wanted to break the mould. Recognising that life was a fantastical mystery and recognising simultaneously that we spend most of it trying to cling on to what we have been trained to think of as the real world, our ancestors recognised the need to gain access to more energy in order to be able to face the unknown.

Let’s face it, the unknown is not going to go away. After all, it’s 2012 and the unknown seems to be knocking. Uncertainty, so Anthony Robbins tells us, is a human need. Well, we’ve certainly got plenty of uncertainty to contend with these days. Let’s go back to our ancient friends for a moment. They came up with the idea that the stories we have lived through, otherwise known as our past, are full of undigested or more usefully, potential energy. They asked themselves if it might be possible in the present, to gain access to that energy for the purpose of opening up their perception beyond the rational and through that, coming into a deeper relationship with the unknown. Many of them didn’t just face the unknown, they stepped right into it and who knows what kind of adventures they had. They named the technology they came up with for retrieving this energy from the past recapitulation.

In my own journey, I had the pleasure of doing a very full recapitulation under the guidance of Victor Sanchez, a Mexican shaman. I had a box to sit in, just big enough so that I could sit cross-legged inside, its interior covered in black cloth so that once inside, it was impossible to see anything. At that time, we lived in an apartment in Totnes that had a little cellar with a sauna in it. It was the perfect place to do my work. Silent and with thick enough walls that I could express myself freely without fear of disturbing the neighbours! And so for a period of about 9 months, I climbed down into my black box energy cockpit for an average of four hours a day and breathed my way through around 4000 events from my past. I had such a lot of resistance to it each time I started but I kind of found a flow and the reality is, after a short time, I began to feel the results.

My dreaming intensified and as I went deeper into the stories that made up the fabric of my life, I started to get a sense of the bigger picture. As the days and weeks and months passed, I found myself understanding that sometimes hundreds of stories were connected to one original event that I was repeating and repeating in a vain attempt to change. Talk about banging my head against a brick wall! It was astonishing. It was as if some events were so charged with emotion or meaning that I kept returning to them, albeit with different people in the roles and different situations. Once I found the original event, it was like stumbling across the root. I felt a cascade of ‘returning energy’ as all the stories that had grown from that original event or set of circumstances came tumbling to the ground like leaves released in the Autumn. It was fantastic and I remember the sense of possibility and open space that was the direct result of the work. For the first time in my life, the hold of the story that I and we are victims of life’s circumstances began to loosen and I began to feel that I could take responsibility for my life.

However, strong as it was and effective as it was, being the one I am, I thought to myself: I wonder if this wouldn’t be more effective if I could get the dancer inside me involved.’ And so I started to research through my own process ways of making the recapitulation more effective. I tried all kinds of things but slowly, the SEER Process evolved and I began to understand just how an effective a tool I had stumbled across. Not only was it effective in clearing up things from the long past and returning energy caught in those stories to the present, it was also useful in helping me to deal with any difficulties I had had during the day. Rather than take a difficult situation to bed, I could do a little SEER Process, learn from the experience, release what wasn’t mine and take responsibility for what was, and go to bed clearer, more energised and ready for the adventures of the night.

The SEER Process is one of the recipes in our book but if you’d like to be guided through a thorough introduction to the process amongst a fine circle of committed dancers, I offer it as a workshop once a year in the Spring. Since we have come to recognise what a useful and potent part of the Movement Medicine toolkit it is, we have now made it a prerequisite for our Apprenticeship Programme. So dear friends, maybe the past is best left where it is. Or maybe it’s to blame for any problems or challenges we may be facing in the present. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s a rich source of potential energy awaiting harvest. Maybe, it’s a library of understanding and compassion. Maybe it’s a headspring of creative juice that can support you to be who you are and give what you’ve got. If you do go and take a look, let me know. And if you feel like joining us, I’d be delighted to see you and share with you what the dancer inside you is capable of creating from your past, however it was.

Ya’Acov. February 2012.

Ya’Acov’s SEER Process will take place at the Waldhaus Centre in Switzerland March 19th to 24th. For more information and to book, please be in touch with Roland: e: roland@RWevents t: +44 (0)1803 762 255

Dancing with strictly no fluff!
By Caroline Carey

My publisher recently asked me to write an article about the benefits of dancing, purely for Joe public! My publisher is a little more ‘straight’ so to speak than myself, despite being a very worldly kind of guy, he just does not have the same approach to spirituality as I have, me being a dreamer and all that.

So within my article I was to stick to the benefits of dancing and absolutely no angels, feathers or fluff. Fine I thought, especially if we want to encourage people from many walks of life to find the healing we know so well from the dance practice. Not that I am in any way a fluff kind of gal, but I must appear that way to some!!

So I began to look into all the benefits of dance.

Well.... It’s done as performance and as recreation. It can be done in a club or behind closed doors in our living rooms. There are many classes we can take part in and there seems to be no amount of opportunity awaiting us……should we so desire.

Sometimes though I hear people say, “I used to love dancing!” “Oh but I don’t do it any more because I am far to busy, too many kids, too fat, too old, can’t afford it” or the infamous one, “well I just don’t do that, or “I’ve got three, even four left feet!” My answer usually to all of this is ‘what utter rubbish!’ Not meaning to be rude...BUT

It can take very little time to switch on a piece of music and begin moving your body to a beat. As soon as this process begins, our cellular structure begins to change. Literally. We are beginning to engage in something that is primal, that has its roots in some of the most ancient and even sophisticated, ritualistic and profound forms of healing, art and spirituality.

As we begin to move our bodies in this way, no matter what it looks like we are accessing our innermost freedom. It does not have to look any particular way, no matter what they told you at school, it does not have to be particular steps or even be in time to the music. We can be dancing deep within our own bodies, quietly massaging our innermost secrets, or stretching our bodies to their fullest as the music lifts our spirits and carries us to the most passionate of our dreams. The important thing is that you are moving your body in the way you wish to move it to that particular beat of the drum, or that particular melody. That is freedom at its most fundamental.

The body responds by interacting with the music, not being controlled by it, but simply creating a relationship with it, a bit like being with a lover.

They move together and express what ever needs to be expressed in that moment. Sensuality, sexuality, breath, motion, sound, expression, it is all given to the dancer. We begin to give ourselves to this being, allowing it to take over and be whatever it needs to be.

There is no need for controlling it. It does not need to be held in place or form.

As the body finds its way and we give it more and more permission to be just as it is, we are unfolding the truth about who we really are.

On a physical level dancing keeps us fit and increase's our stamina. It helps us look and feel younger. Our skin becomes clearer and we remain supple and well toned in our muscles. How good is that? And if we are doing it at home it won’t have even cost us anything! That has to be the best beauty treatment ever!

We become more balanced in our life, you know left brain, right brain stuff, well one begins to work as good as the other and even the vital organs inside us start to function better and become well oiled and moist. A bit like an engine really, left too long it goes rusty, so we oil it, take care of it, clean out the cobwebs and bobs-your-uncle or hey presto! smooth running engine, carburetor and spark plugs firing at their very best!

On an emotional level, we are able to release the old and held in emotions that we did not even realize we were holding on to. Exhaust fumes no more! Those same old grumbles, the ones that make our shoulders heavy, that create a frown on our face or a slump in our walk. There is no more or very little frustration directed at our partners, children or the dog. We are able to clear some of this old debri’ away, with a good old shake of the hips, a stamp of our feet and a few swinging leaps around the living room, it will soon pass us by. We may find ourselves crying because our heart begins to open and guaranteed those tears will become tears of joy if we dance long enough. Nothing like the water works to do their trick of washing and purification. Stagnant water never tasted good. The therapist can take a few weeks off from the boring moans and complaints of how everything is unfair and nobody understands us because we are now feeling alive and liberated from the pressure of being a stuck-in-a-rut, human-being or ‘doing’ as they say more readily these days.

Our mind interestingly enough starts to empty out its garbage of thoughts about useless rubbish, that it seems to want to churn around like an old cement mixer and our head may feel a little lighter of its load, we may even start to laugh more.

Then we come to the world of art and beauty, to creativity and the sheer wonderment of what our body is able to do. If it can really make us feel this good in our life and about ourselves, imagine what else it can do for us!

Dancing long enough can change the cellular structure of how we look.Our facial expressions will change and we will begin to have a different aura of beauty around us. A light will shine within us that will permeate our surroundings. People will be drawn to us, wondering what this new-found energy is that we have discovered for ourselves. Of course we may wish to keep it to ourself, after all why share it. But they will persist because they know something’s up and that they are missing out on something very vital, liberating and intriguing. Of course they will be afraid at first because undoubtedly it will change their lives and not every one wants to change their lives, do they?

They may need to stay in their own comfort zone and any idea of changing is just not going to make them feel easy. But of course we will know that in order to really grow and to find more freedom, more peace, more happiness, this tool we have found is the key, we have it and ultimately we will be extremely willing to share it. For a while we may even try to convince others they should do it, but there will be no need of convincing, just our own radiance will be enough to draw them in.

Oh and dancing is also a great way to avoid things like osteoporosis, heart complaints, depression, poor circulation, stiffness in joints, back ache, headaches and many, many more complaints that the human body can be prone to.

And one scientific proven fact; the only physical activity to offer protection against dementia is frequent dancing, also a proven fact is that dancing frequently offers 76% possible reduction of all degenerative diseases studied, that is cognitive or physical. There is a re-wiring that happens when we dance, not going back to the engine here, maybe more like the electricity we live with. Wire up the house wrong and there are problems ensuing, keep it all in order and we will live safely and in harmony with its source. This kind of dancing I am talking about is not to be confused with dance where we have to ‘know’ the steps, this is dance that you make up your self as you go along, that is very important, it is free-style, which means you have to make decisions, in the moment. It is the decision making that effects the mind making it re-wire itself correctly.

Lets not forget the de-stress factor and increased serotonin level, which can be really useful especially if you are a dreamer and even more so if you depend on none alcohol, non-drug induced fun!!

We also learn to breath much deeper and because we sweat we don’t get so many spots!

If an entrepreneur could bottle it, they would make a fortune!!

p.s. did I mention loosing weight? In a one-hour session we can burn from 250 to 400 calories. Need I say more? No fluff just good common sense :)

If you'd like the addition of angels, please read Ms'Guided Angel, published by Rex and MyVoice publishing.


If you love music and love the planet then talk to me!

Hello! I am David Kellett, an apprentice Movement Medicine Facilitator, and a huge music fan - from Lisa Gerrard to Jan Garbarek to Nils Petter Movaer, Sigur Ros to Can, Klaus Schulze to Fairport Convention J I want to invite you to participate in some of the great things that are happening in the Movement Medicine On Line Shop ( You can now download a great (and ever growing) range of music as MP3s. (Go to the Musical Mosaic tab in the shop).

You can now listen to clips of the music before you decide what you want to buy. Susannah and I are working hard to make sure you can find what you want on the website, listen to it and get info about it that you need, (I’m adding more of my own brief “reviews” of the music – often with some hints of where you might find the music supports you in your own Movement Medicine Practice). I’d love your input! Please email me if you have comments about any piece of music – about how you find the music affects you or moves you in your Dance. If you need a bit of help in getting around the site you can also email me and I’ll do my best to help you – and it will help us to make the site better for everyone. We also have new CDs coming soon, including the long awaited CD, hard copy version of “Deep Flight” by Aaron Andreas Gantenbein.

The (22 and rising!) MP3s from the Musical Mosaic collection have all been donated by the artists and are being sold in aid of the One World Mosaic. Some of the tracks are not available anywhere else yet. If you are a musician and would like to contribute a track to the Musical Mosaic Collection please get in touch! If you know someone who might like to contribute ask them to get in touch! If you don’t know what the One World Mosaic is yet, have a look at see what its all about and add your message (as visual and words) so that world leaders can hear your voice. It’s about us telling them what we really want from them – real living democracy from the people to the leaders.

I hope that you enjoy the music that we have on the site and I hope that you relish the fact that in buying these great mp3s you support the excellent work of One World Mosaic.

David Kellett ,

When I am me
By Petra Bongartz

When I am me

Then I am free
Realising I’m
Divine poetry

Connecting the body
And the spirit above
I strengthen my own circle
Expand my sphere of love
Discovering all
I can be
Realising I’m
divine poetry

Following the compass of my heart
Now is always the time to start
Trusting the flow
Wherever I go
I step into the mystery
Co-creating my own history
Giving thanks
for all that’s me
Realising I’m
divine poetry

And when I am afraid
And cannot see
My beloved friend Death
Whispers to me
Don’t hesitate, don’t wait
Knowing that
My soul is free
Realising I’m
Divine poetry

Flying high on the wings of my breath
I live my life fully before death
Life’s an adventure towards the light
So I let my passion shine so bright
Honouring myself and what life is worth
So that I can help to build a new Earth
Connected with
all humanity
Realising I’m
divine poetry

The song in my heart says: Love is the key
So I dance with life, wild and free
Exploring all my possibility
I’m making my contribution
To the solution.
Learning with
my heart to see
Realising I’m
divine poetry

One World Mosiac
One world mosaic is a digital image of planet earth, each pixel of which is someone’s picture and message to the world. It is so much more than a petition, it’s a creative, powerful and personal way to make your love visible, to stand up and be counted, and to communicate from the heart about your love of our only home, planet earth. It is designed to give people everywhere a voice, a way to join in a digital global artwork which can make a real positive difference to the future, for the sake of all our children and all of life on earth.

It’s already got momentum, but with your input it will be that muchstronger. If enough support is generated it will be shown at the Rio Earth Summit in July, inspiring and mandating the politicians and negotiators to find the heart, courage and co-operation needed to make the decisions necessary to support life on our planet.

Please help it grow by adding your message and by telling your friends about it:

To reach its maximum potency it also needs funds, and every littlecounts! Visit to support one world mosaic by buying some of the wonderful music available as mp3s from the Musical Mosaic Collection. All proceeds from these sales go to support one world mosaic. And/or you can simply make a donation (go to Donations). one world mosaic has been created by OneWorld/OneClimate and is supported by tcktcktck, the School of Movement Medicine, the School of Movement Medicine Shop and Strawberry Design.

Thanks for taking the time - wishing us all the courage and imagination

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