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Issue: February 2012
One World Mosiac

One world mosaic is a digital image of planet earth, each pixel of which is someone’s picture and message to the world. It is so much more than a petition, it’s a creative, powerful and personal way to make your love visible, to stand up and be counted, and to communicate from the heart about your love of our only home, planet earth. It is designed to give people everywhere a voice, a way to join in a digital global artwork which can make a real positive difference to the future, for the sake of all our children and all of life on earth.

It’s already got momentum, but with your input it will be that muchstronger. If enough support is generated it will be shown at the Rio Earth Summit in July, inspiring and mandating the politicians and negotiators to find the heart, courage and co-operation needed to make the decisions necessary to support life on our planet.

Please help it grow by adding your message and by telling your friends about it:

To reach its maximum potency it also needs funds, and every littlecounts! Visit to support one world mosaic by buying some of the wonderful music available as mp3s from the Musical Mosaic Collection. All proceeds from these sales go to support one world mosaic. And/or you can simply make a donation (go to Donations). one world mosaic has been created by OneWorld/OneClimate and is supported by tcktcktck, the School of Movement Medicine, the School of Movement Medicine Shop and Strawberry Design.

Thanks for taking the time - wishing us all the courage and imagination

to find joyous ways to meet the challenges and opportunities of these

times. Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan

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