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Issue: February 2012
When I am me

By Petra Bongartz

When I am me

Then I am free
Realising Iím
Divine poetry

Connecting the body
And the spirit above
I strengthen my own circle
Expand my sphere of love
Discovering all
I can be
Realising Iím
divine poetry

Following the compass of my heart
Now is always the time to start
Trusting the flow
Wherever I go
I step into the mystery
Co-creating my own history
Giving thanks
for all thatís me
Realising Iím
divine poetry

And when I am afraid
And cannot see
My beloved friend Death
Whispers to me
Donít hesitate, donít wait
Knowing that
My soul is free
Realising Iím
Divine poetry

Flying high on the wings of my breath
I live my life fully before death
Lifeís an adventure towards the light
So I let my passion shine so bright
Honouring myself and what life is worth
So that I can help to build a new Earth
Connected with
all humanity
Realising Iím
divine poetry

The song in my heart says: Love is the key
So I dance with life, wild and free
Exploring all my possibility
Iím making my contribution
To the solution.
Learning with
my heart to see
Realising Iím
divine poetry

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