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Issue: February 2012
A Medicine Gift

By Roland

Some time in the middle of January I confessed to a friend that I wasn’t looking forward to Susannah and Ya’Acov returning to the UK.

“Why’s that?” my friend replied. “Has the power of running the School of Movement Medicine on your own gone to your head?”

“No.” I replied, wondering whether expelling someone from the Movement Medicine Facebook site for posting advertisements about hamburgers and the decision I had made to order new Webinar cards really constituted exercising power. “No. It definitely is not that.”

“So what is the reason?” my friend asked.

I explained that about a week before Christmas I had caught a cold. I had struggled manfully with it for a few days then I succumbed, declared I must have flu and disappeared under the duvet for 2 days. I drifted in and out of sleep, numbed by pain killers. I would wake periodically wondering what time it was, become fascinated for a few moments by the discarded tissue mountain growing by the side of the bed and then by the patterns of the stains of the cough medicine on the sheets. Each time I woke I would be aware that in my dreams I had been trying to solve what was clearly an insolvable problem – numbers that would never add up mixed with shapes that could never fit together. I would then take more pills and more cough medicine, roll over and firmly resolve to have different dreams, return to sleep and go back to exactly the same kind of insolvable problems.

On the second day in bed my resolution to have a different dream finally worked:

I was standing on a battlefield and fighting one of those epic battles beloved by modern film makers using CGI, where the forces of good and evil are spread across some vast plain with banners flying. The expectant defiant faces of my loyal troops looked up at me – their cheering voices mixed with sounds of trumpets and bugles blaring the advance. “Let the battle commence!” I cried.

For hour after hour I sent in all the forces I had at my disposal – Roman legionnaires, tank divisions, helicopter gunships, Special Forces on sabotage missions, elephant charges, robot avatars, some very beautiful but rather irritating elfin archers and repeated charges by the US cavalry. Periodically, I would retire to the control centre and consult with my staff. For many hours it would seem that we were losing. The monster invaders were not only still arriving in ever increasing numbers, it seems that they were breeding faster than we could kill them. “We need a secret weapon.” I declared. “A biological weapon.” I descended to the depth of the command bunker to a laboratory where I was handed a small vial containing some green liquid. Written on the side in small handwritten turquoise ink were the words “Mix with water and spray on alien invaders.”

Finally, victory was mine. I stood on a small hill at dawn peering out across the plain through a veil of mist and smoke.

“Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh dear.” The words were spoken in a pronounced Birmingham accent and belonged to a short stocky man with Union Representative written on his cap. “What have you done here? Have you any idea how long it’s going to take to get this lot cleared up? Especially with the Christmas and New Year holidays coming up.”

As the sun rose in the sky it became easier to see the scene of devastation. “See that pit over there,” said the Union man pointing to a vast lake where the dying bodies of the green monsters were floundering in a yellow bubbling soup. “Each one of those is going to need to be removed individually by a special team of operatives wearing expensive protective clothing. This is going to take weeks. You should have spoken to us first before you started this silly war of yours.”

On waking I felt much better. My fever was gone but the dream stayed with me and it was immediately apparent to me that the vast lake we had been looking at was my congested chest. Over the next few days I developed one of those very nasty chesty coughs. Speaking to Susannah and Ya’Acov on the phone they expressed some concern for me and recommended that I go to a certain acupuncturist. “Thanks for that,” I replied “If it doesn’t clear up in the next few days I will definitely do that.”

Days and weeks passed – Susannah and Ya’Acov went to South America – but still the cough wouldn’t go away. Every so often I considered phoning the acupuncturist but the words of the Union man from my dream had somehow put me into a fatalistic frame of mind where I felt I would have to see this out on my own, without outside help. Hence my confession to my friend that I was not looking forward to Susannah and Ya’Acov coming home. I really did not want them to know I still had my cough and that I had not been to the acupuncturist.

On the day of their return I got a phone call from them. “We are just on our way home. We’d liked to drop in and catch up and we have a small present for you.” “How wonderful!” I replied. Throughout the hour of their visit I manfully supressed any sign of my cough even managing to survive bouts of laughing as they described bus drives high in the Andes on un-tarmacked roads full of potholes. After they had gone my body decided that it would do all the coughing it had missed during the previous hour. My beloved looked at me in some alarm “You really are going to have to do something about that cough.” “I will,” I said “I am going to use some of this wonderful medicine that Susannah and Ya’Acov have given me,” I said picking up the package they had brought me from Peru.

I am very pleased to be able to tell you all that the medicine worked and a few days later my cough had gone. Oh you want to know what the medicine was? OK I will let you in on the secret. It was the finest Peruvian coffee. Well it worked for me!

Susannah and Ya’Acov are again in the Southern Hemisphere. There are in South Africa for most of the month and have a very busy teaching schedule. You should be able to get updates from them on the Movement Medicine Facebook site.

In March they are back in the UK and the first workshop they will be teaching is the Phoenix Retreat. This will take place at the Rill Centre on 4th – 11th March. We have a few places left, so if you have done the pre-requisites for this workshop (Initiation or the Journey of Empowerment) please feel welcome to apply for a place. Application forms are available from Roland at

On the 13th March they will be teaching the next Webinar. These webinars are proving very popular and we have now published the new dates for the rest of the year at The cost is £35 for 10 webinars. If after the first webinar, you find it is not for you, you can get a full refund if you let us know within 48 hours of that webinar.

Later in the month Ya’Acov is off to Switzerland where he will be teaching the SEER Process workshop. This exciting intensive workshop will be residential at the Waldhaus Centre from 19th -24th March. There are still places available for this workshop. We also have 2 bursary places on offer. Please get in touch with Roland if you want to enrol. Roland 00 44 1803 762255 There is an article by Ya’Acov elsewhere in this newsletter about the SEER Process.

Susannah will be teaching in Germany. First she is going to Berlin where she will be teaching the Arc of Time workshop. To book contact Kathrin on 00 49 30 28458820 Then she will go to the Isle of Sylt where she will be teaching her residential workshop for women Sanctuary on the 29th March – 1st April. To book this workshop please contact Petra 00 49 4651 871276 or

The same weekend 30th March – 1st April Ya’Acov will teach the Way of the Dancing Warrior in Paris. To book and for more details contact Pierre-Henri 00 33 615 325 816

To see the programme for the rest of the year please go to

We are also taking booking for Susannah's Onoging Group Journey of Empowerment,  the Summer Long Dance 5th – 9th July and Initiation August 31st to 9th September. Please email Roland at for an application form.

Spring is round the corner. Feel the beat in your feet and join us on the dance floor.


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