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Issue: February 2012
If you love music and love the planet then talk to me!

Hello! I am David Kellett, an apprentice Movement Medicine Facilitator, and a huge music fan - from Lisa Gerrard to Jan Garbarek to Nils Petter Movaer, Sigur Ros to Can, Klaus Schulze to Fairport Convention J I want to invite you to participate in some of the great things that are happening in the Movement Medicine On Line Shop ( You can now download a great (and ever growing) range of music as MP3s. (Go to the Musical Mosaic tab in the shop).

You can now listen to clips of the music before you decide what you want to buy. Susannah and I are working hard to make sure you can find what you want on the website, listen to it and get info about it that you need, (I’m adding more of my own brief “reviews” of the music – often with some hints of where you might find the music supports you in your own Movement Medicine Practice). I’d love your input! Please email me if you have comments about any piece of music – about how you find the music affects you or moves you in your Dance. If you need a bit of help in getting around the site you can also email me and I’ll do my best to help you – and it will help us to make the site better for everyone. We also have new CDs coming soon, including the long awaited CD, hard copy version of “Deep Flight” by Aaron Andreas Gantenbein.

The (22 and rising!) MP3s from the Musical Mosaic collection have all been donated by the artists and are being sold in aid of the One World Mosaic. Some of the tracks are not available anywhere else yet. If you are a musician and would like to contribute a track to the Musical Mosaic Collection please get in touch! If you know someone who might like to contribute ask them to get in touch! If you don’t know what the One World Mosaic is yet, have a look at see what its all about and add your message (as visual and words) so that world leaders can hear your voice. It’s about us telling them what we really want from them – real living democracy from the people to the leaders.

I hope that you enjoy the music that we have on the site and I hope that you relish the fact that in buying these great mp3s you support the excellent work of One World Mosaic.

David Kellett ,

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