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Issue: February 2012
So what is the SEER Process all about?

By Ya'Acov

In our days at home in between returning from our month out and heading off for South Africa, we had the task of reconnecting with our computers. Donít you love them? They are fantastically useful creations and infuriatingly demanding at times. I keep my calendar on the computer and it was a delight to have a month away.

Donít get me wrong. My calendarís a colourful and fascinating being, full of tasty adventures and invitations to create. Recently, I have noticed a new being appearing, stealthily working its way in to the organised rows and colour-coded bars that like to think they define my life. Itís a being I am only just beginning to get to know. And although it has been present in our summers for the past few years, it very rarely got a look in from September to July. This new being is called empty space. It has a whole outlook on life that is really very refreshing. It tells the story that empty spaces are vital, life-affirming necessities that give so much more verve, depth and effervescence to the rest of lifeís ways. Perhaps itís the effect of the fresh air I breathed in the forests and the mountains. Or maybe itís that turning of the clock and passing of the years that makes it all the more important to sometimes just sit and do nothing and let everything rest in the eternal hum for a while. Iím grateful to all my dear friends who have been trying to teach me this for a while.

Whatever it is, Iím grateful that as long as we live, new tricks are indeed possible to learn. And so it is with this in mind that I wish to introduce you to one of Movement Medicineís super useful tools: the SEER Process. SEER stands for systemic essential energy retrieval. It has its roots in the ancient practices of the Americas where sometimes, every now and then, someone would come along who wanted to break the mould. Recognising that life was a fantastical mystery and recognising simultaneously that we spend most of it trying to cling on to what we have been trained to think of as the real world, our ancestors recognised the need to gain access to more energy in order to be able to face the unknown.

Letís face it, the unknown is not going to go away. After all, itís 2012 and the unknown seems to be knocking. Uncertainty, so Anthony Robbins tells us, is a human need. Well, weíve certainly got plenty of uncertainty to contend with these days. Letís go back to our ancient friends for a moment. They came up with the idea that the stories we have lived through, otherwise known as our past, are full of undigested or more usefully, potential energy. They asked themselves if it might be possible in the present, to gain access to that energy for the purpose of opening up their perception beyond the rational and through that, coming into a deeper relationship with the unknown. Many of them didnít just face the unknown, they stepped right into it and who knows what kind of adventures they had. They named the technology they came up with for retrieving this energy from the past recapitulation.

In my own journey, I had the pleasure of doing a very full recapitulation under the guidance of Victor Sanchez, a Mexican shaman. I had a box to sit in, just big enough so that I could sit cross-legged inside, its interior covered in black cloth so that once inside, it was impossible to see anything. At that time, we lived in an apartment in Totnes that had a little cellar with a sauna in it. It was the perfect place to do my work. Silent and with thick enough walls that I could express myself freely without fear of disturbing the neighbours! And so for a period of about 9 months, I climbed down into my black box energy cockpit for an average of four hours a day and breathed my way through around 4000 events from my past. I had such a lot of resistance to it each time I started but I kind of found a flow and the reality is, after a short time, I began to feel the results.

My dreaming intensified and as I went deeper into the stories that made up the fabric of my life, I started to get a sense of the bigger picture. As the days and weeks and months passed, I found myself understanding that sometimes hundreds of stories were connected to one original event that I was repeating and repeating in a vain attempt to change. Talk about banging my head against a brick wall! It was astonishing. It was as if some events were so charged with emotion or meaning that I kept returning to them, albeit with different people in the roles and different situations. Once I found the original event, it was like stumbling across the root. I felt a cascade of Ďreturning energyí as all the stories that had grown from that original event or set of circumstances came tumbling to the ground like leaves released in the Autumn. It was fantastic and I remember the sense of possibility and open space that was the direct result of the work. For the first time in my life, the hold of the story that I and we are victims of lifeís circumstances began to loosen and I began to feel that I could take responsibility for my life.

However, strong as it was and effective as it was, being the one I am, I thought to myself: I wonder if this wouldnít be more effective if I could get the dancer inside me involved.í And so I started to research through my own process ways of making the recapitulation more effective. I tried all kinds of things but slowly, the SEER Process evolved and I began to understand just how an effective a tool I had stumbled across. Not only was it effective in clearing up things from the long past and returning energy caught in those stories to the present, it was also useful in helping me to deal with any difficulties I had had during the day. Rather than take a difficult situation to bed, I could do a little SEER Process, learn from the experience, release what wasnít mine and take responsibility for what was, and go to bed clearer, more energised and ready for the adventures of the night.

The SEER Process is one of the recipes in our book but if youíd like to be guided through a thorough introduction to the process amongst a fine circle of committed dancers, I offer it as a workshop once a year in the Spring. Since we have come to recognise what a useful and potent part of the Movement Medicine toolkit it is, we have now made it a prerequisite for our Apprenticeship Programme. So dear friends, maybe the past is best left where it is. Or maybe itís to blame for any problems or challenges we may be facing in the present. Or maybe, just maybe, itís a rich source of potential energy awaiting harvest. Maybe, itís a library of understanding and compassion. Maybe itís a headspring of creative juice that can support you to be who you are and give what youíve got. If you do go and take a look, let me know. And if you feel like joining us, Iíd be delighted to see you and share with you what the dancer inside you is capable of creating from your past, however it was.

YaíAcov. February 2012.

YaíAcovís SEER Process will take place at the Waldhaus Centre in Switzerland March 19th to 24th. For more information and to book, please be in touch with Roland: e: roland@RWevents t: +44 (0)1803 762 255

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