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Issue: November 2011
Dance Fever & 11.11.11

By Susannah

11.11.11 is a day for celebrating the inter-connectedness of life on earth. Alex Hanley, our wild and wonderful organiser in London, is one of the many people who have spontaneously and independently dreamt this, and she conceived of there being mass break outs of flash mobs dancing the Hustle, on 11.11.11 in honour of all the connection between all life on earth. (Strangely reminiscent of the radio play Roland talks about in his article).

I realised that 11.11.11 falls within the last module of JOE (‘Journey of Empowerment’ Ongoing Group) meeting near Totnes, and then members of the group suggested doing the Hustle whilst singing Bambalela, a beautiful 4 part harmony song which means “Never Give Up!” Then Susannah discovered that members of many local choirs already know Bambalela, and want to participate, so there is now an effortless multitude who know this song and want to dance and sing for Life on Earth.

There will be a 5 minute flash mob moment at 1.00 pm, on 11.11.11 in Totnes Market. If you are around and you want to join in and don’t know the song, come to Jo Hardy’s 5 Rhythms Dance Space class (Civic Hall) on Monday November 7th, where Susie Prater and I will be teaching it.


There will be a 5 minute moment at 1pm in Victoria station, using song and dance to celebrate this moment together. If you would like to be involved contact Alex at or call her on 07868842219. Be it to sing, to dance freely or to dance the hustle!

AND SOUTH AFRICA - Cape Town Central, Fan Mile (for more details please contact Carey Yarrow email

And of course the 11th is also Armistice day, a day to remember the pain and loss caused by war, and to send out our heartfelt wishes for healing, mercy and creative ways of solving conflicts.

One way to make visible your love for our earth is to upload a picture and your message (or video) to Mosaic Earth. Mosaic Earth is a digital picture of planet earth, each pixel of which is someone’s picture and message. If enough support is generated it will be shown at Climate Change summits, acting to empower and mandate the politicians and negotiators to find the courage and co-operation needed to make the decisions needed to protect life on earth. It is designed to give people everywhere a voice, a way to join into a global chorus. It has been created and hosted by the amazing ethical-techno-whizzes at One Climate with great commitment and excellence. Please help it grow by using it, and spreading the word about it. In a few days you will also be able to support it by donating to Mosaic Earth at “Donations” on the home page of

You may also want to know about the Pachamama Alliance and the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium, which we have found to be a potent, intelligent and empowering way to wake up to get connected with the challenge and opportunity of these times. and

And if you want to learn the Hustle, whether to do a flash mob or just for the pure joy of it, there is a teaching video on the School’s website. If you organise a moment for 11.11.11 please let us know, (you could use the MM facebook pages) and video it if you can.

Wishing us all the courage and imagination to find joyous ways to dance with the moment in your personal and our collective human story,

With warmth,

Susannah Darling Khan

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