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Issue: November 2011
A very exciting experience

By Elisabeth Käufeler-Schrag

One moment of this Initiation workshop we had a deep experience with our mother. I felt the first time, which heavy burden my mother put on her legs her whole life. She has open legs since I can think. She always had a bandage on both ankles.

And as a child when I saw this it deeply impressed me and I felt very bad about it. But in that moment I felt the entire burden she had I cried and had lots of understanding and sorrow. My deepest wish was that this very old wound could heel before she will die.

And then we should see our mother getting younger and younger until she was a baby lying in our arms. This was the most touching moment. I cradled her and there was no weight she had to ware. I felt a very deep, deep love.

Two weeks later I visit my 90 year old mother, this very old wise woman and told her about this research and she sat beside me and said: You know since two weeks my leg seems to heel from the borders to the inside. The inflammation is gone and the wound started to dry.

This was: WOW, WOW, WOW!!! Could you imagine what this means to me!

Thank you thousands of times for this wonderful experience. And this is only one of many others.

But what really is true forever:

I am at home and it was worth to go through all my doubts and bad thoughts to realise, that I am the only one who can change that.

Blessings from my heart to everybody who reads that

Elisabeth Käufeler-Schrag

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