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Issue: November 2011
Musical Revolution- Shop news

By Susannah

For a couple of years now, like many of us, I’ve been joyously downloading MP3s when I want to buy music. I’m glad to be able to choose the track I want, not to have to buy the whole album unless I want to, not to have to clutter the house with more stuff, and not to be using more plastic and paper, and to be able to pay the artists. At the Movement Medicine Shop, we have just got there.

Now you can buy an ever increasing amount of our own music as MP3 downloads, and we will be selling some very rare and unusual music this way too. Also more and more clips are coming on line so you can listen to music before you buy it, whether you do so as CDs or MP3s. Thanks to David Kellett for your great work with this!

And there’s now a new way to be able to use to support the visionary Mosaic Earth fund at the Movement Medicine Shop. Just go to Donate! We have decided recently are to give £1 per CD sold to ‘One Climate’ to support their work on the Mosaic. So your love of music and your love of life on earth can now be one! After all, it’s all one dream, bringing together art, global citizenship, community, and raising the roof of our expectations about what we, the people of earth, can do together. More information about the Mosaic Earth project is available in the 11.11.11 Dance Fever article.

Thanks for the great feedback we’ve had from those of you who have bought Aaron’s music as MP3s. It’ll soon be out as a CD too, as green and beautiful as we can make it, of course. And we’d love to bring you attention to Nanigo’s album “Drumming for the Elements.” For those of us who tune into tribal percussion, this album is a must.

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