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Issue: November 2011
An Invitation to Party & Pray with Susannah in Paris

By Susannah

Sometimes I think our work is simply a way to show people how to connect and let go without the help of this or that chemical or bio-chemical substance. Itís learning the art of dance Ďforeplayí- how do you warm up, how do you create a space that invites everyone ďoutĒ into the dance into a free, respectful and open hearted space without drugs?

How do you open energetically to the music so that you become it and come ďon streamĒ? In other words weíre discovering ways to let down our defences, melt our masks, connect with the life vibration, vitality, potency and love that seems to be consistently there whenever we can get down to that layer, like water under the earth waiting for us to work out how and where to make the bore hole.

Though I love to party, Iím very particular! I donít want to wake up the next day with a massive hangover stinking of smoke and wondering what on earth I may have done to embarrass myself. I donít want to dance, unsure of my welcome by others, trying to be cool. I donít want to be assaulted by the music, as if I can only dance if forced to, though I do love a good bass groove. I donít want to pretend not to be vulnerable, to have a sensitive heart, to care. I donít want to be afraid to look you in the eye, smile at you or dance with you in case you think Iím coming on to you. I donít want to pretend that dance isnít a spiritual, sensual, total experience of heaven on earth for me, and I want to share it with you. My dance is my prayer, my passion, I want to wear my heart on my sleeve and to share this deep joy with you and you and you. I donít want to hold back my love for life, for the earth, for the heart; my prayer for mercy, for healing, for connection.

Weíve put on some epic parties in our time. Parties without words, parties in fancy dress, parties with ritual theatre and ceremony and silence and the grooviest music, and some very long dances! I wanted to offer this within a weekend format, which is what made me design ĎRock My Soulí and ĎParty and Prayí. Itís about connecting it all up. The spiritual heights with the earthy, rootsy, funky bass. And in between the bridge that connects it all; the passionate, tender heart- both fiery and watery, wild and gentle. Itís a dancing prayer. Itís a beautiful party to which the human heart is welcome. And itís happening in Paris soon!

For me, itís a profound gift to be able to create and be part of a field of love, connection and inclusion. Through celebrating life together, praying for life together, we can experience and strengthen the beauty of our shared humanity. Come and party!

Friday Night 17th Nov: Party and Pray

Saturday and Sunday 18th 19th Nov: Rock My Soul

Contact: Pierre-Henri + 33 615 325 816



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