School of Movement Medicine - Mindfulness in Motion
Issue: October 2011

By Roland

While many of you may be planning how you will be spending December 21st 2012 –regarded as significant by many as it marks the end-date of a 5125 year-long cycle of the Mayan calendar, my key date for 2012 will be Aug 17th for which I am already planning  my own ceremony.

Let me explain why. A few weeks ago my brother and his wife came to stay for a few days and we decided that we would visit the newly restored house, Greenway, home of the famous, now dead, crime writer - Agatha Christie. Greenway House is situated in a wonderfully dramatic position overlooking the River Dart in South Devon. As there is limited parking at Greenaway we thought we would drive to the village of Dittisham on the other side of the river and then take the ferry across the river.

The day started well. We wandered about the village and then visited the Ferry Boat Inn for a drink. From the window seat in the bar we watched the tranquil scene of seagulls and sailing boats on the river. They when we had finished our drinks, I noticed that the small ferry was making its return journey back to our side of the river. “Time to go!” I announced and lead my small group at a rather brisk and exuberant pace out of the pub and out onto the wooden quay to meet the ferry.

In contrast to the old stone quay on the far side of the river, the quay on the Dittisham side of the river is quite modern and takes you out to a pontoon which was at that moment slightly lower than the quay due to the height of the tide and so the view of the vessels moored there was slightly obscured. I arrived first at the pontoon and jumped onto a ferry. Now this might have been a good moment for me to question why the ferry I was on was somewhat larger than the craft I had been watching crossing the river from the window of the Ferryboat Inn. I didn’t. Another moment when some questioning might have been in order was when we paid £32 for our tickets. Again I didn’t question a thing. I still did not suspect anything was amiss when the ferry did not go directly across the river but instead set a course which took us downstream. “How nice” I thought, “that they are taking the time to give us a good view of the Greenway House from the river before landing us on the other side. Perhaps this is why the tickets were more expensive than I expected”. As the ferry proceeded even further downstream I started to wonder if there was another landing point that I did not know about. It was only as the ferry determinedly set a course away from Greenway that it dawned on me that I had led us onto the wrong ferry and we were in fact heading for Dartmouth several miles downstream.

Now I might have dismissed this incident as another example of a certain kind of chaos which I can find myself in on occasions were in not for the fact that a few days earlier Susannah and Ya’Acov also had an incident with a ferry as a result of a misreading of the ferry times and so found themselves stranded on the island of Jersey for an extra night and consequently necessitating the postponement of the first Webinar for a few days.

This, in turn, led me to find out something about the double-headed Roman God Portunus. In Roman historical terms he is very ancient and is the God of keys, doors, warehouses, harbours and ferries – all very much interconnected matters for a city which was totally dependent on grain imports coming in by boat. There is, in fact, a very handsome ancient temple of his still standing in Rome. And from his name we have derived several English words among which are ‘opportunity’ (the chance to do something), opportune (well timed) and inopportune (badly-timed). It is because the art of time is so vital to us from the moment of our conception though the many pivotal moments in our lives, playing a vital role in shaping who we are and what we do that next year on August 17th – Portunus day - I will be devising a simple ceremony to honour him. The only clue that I have found so far about the ceremony the ancient Romans followed on this day was that it involved throwing keys into an open fire. If anyone out there has any further ideas please let me know. 

The subject of timing is somewhat appropriate in the context of the subject which is the 2nd webinar which will take place at 7.30 UK time on Tuesday 4th of October. Some of you had contacted us to let us know that this time was not good for you and we are pleased to let you know that we will be recording the forthcoming webinar and it will be available for all those who signed up for the series. We will also be adopting a new format for the forthcoming webinar which we are hoping will radically improve the sound quality and hopefully the video quality as well. The webinars are a medium that we will be working with over the next few months as we believe that it offers a way to reach diverse sections of the Movement Medicine community with which we would not normally have contact with. We received a number of emails from people saying how wonderful it was to dance together even though they might be isolated in a flat in an urban environment or within the countryside. We are hoping soon to add a facility to enable participants to talk to each other in small groups by phone after each webinar. To sign up for the webinar please go to

On 7 -9th of October Ya’Acov will be in The Netherlands teaching The Way of the Dancing Warrior. For more details and to book please contact Frank 00 31 71 8893253

I’ve heard from a number of people that they are keen to get to the Move! evening at St Peter’s Church, 310 Kennington Lane, Vauxhall, London, SE11 5HY on the 10th October. We do hope you are able to join them. More details are available at

The following weekend 15- 16th October Ya’Acov will be teaching the new workshop The Arc of Time also in London. With a write-up that reads ‘It’s the Eve of All Hallows, the time of honouring the other worlds. We dance into the dream time to honour where we come from and dream where we will go, with embodied awareness of the aliveness of life now.’ how can you resist being there? To book follow the instructions at or contact Alex 07868842219

Toward the end of this month Susannah will first be in Berlin 15 -16th October teaching Source “Sexual energy is the Source of creation. We have all been given the possibility of experiencing this energy as a powerful and healthy resource for dynamic and inspired living.” Contact Kathrin 00 49 30 28458820 or

Then at the end of the month she will also be teaching The Arc of Time (see above) in Bern, Switzerland. Contact Katriona 00 41 33 676 2708 to book and for more details.

At the beginning of November Susannah will be teaching her voice and movement workshop Resonance in Hamburg.  This workshop is fully booked but there are still places available on the Move! evening on November 2nd.  This should be an exciting evening as it will feature live durmming from master drummer Ben Burrows.  For more details and to book please contact Edgar on 0049 40 1888 65 95

Ya'Acov will teaching in South Africe at the beingging of November teahcing a Moe! evening on the 3rd in Johannesburg and Poetry of Presence on 5-6 in Cape Town.  For more details contact Jayne on 0027 766963527

Then on 16 -19h November Ya'Acov will be teaching The Way of the Dancing Warrior in Israel.  Contact Aviy on 00 972 9 7418203

On 18 -23 November Susannah will be teaching Rock My Soul in Paris.  Cotnact Pierre-Henri 00 33 615 325 816

Wishing you perfect timing in all your endevours

What if the whole of your life was one long creative project that you were totally in to…..
By Ya'Acov

Happy Autumn Equinox one and all. I’m writing to you from the train (as usual!). This time, I’m on the way back from a wonderful week in Orval with 12 fantastically courageous and luminous beings, namely the participants and assistants of this year’s Burial Ceremony. Although I won’t be running this workshop next year, I plan for it to return in 2013 with a new title that came out of this year’s event. It will be called Digging, Dancing and Dying, a 3D Movement Medicine special, or just 3D for short.

No need to bring your plastic 3D glasses, just a good shovel, a sense of humour, a little courage and your dancing feet. I want to honour the dancers who came this time. Every one of them did so fantastically well and if the shining brightness in their eyes during today’s closing circle is anything to go by, the rewards of a more conscious connection to the reality of death and dying are already beginning to come through.

This morning, one of the participants found a very small female baby deer whilst out walking, contemplating the week, and thanking the land. The deer had died in the night and was lying, neck back, staring at the morning sky. This was particularly meaningful to the dancer who found her, but that’s her story to tell. We all gathered at the spot where we had been in ceremony and together, we dug a small grave for this beautiful being. A small bunch of meadow flowers was placed on her heart and to the sound of drums and whispered singing, we buried her. It felt so appropriate to be together in a simple funeral ritual as our work came to an end. Though the workshop is over, our relationship to death is not one we can walk away from.

During our work this week, I was very deeply struck by the creative power of the dance. I once heard someone describing dance as the highest of all art forms because it exists only in the moment, and then it is gone. Its beauty is enhanced by its impermanence. So many new exercises came through this week. We worked with the voice. We wove together our dances in a circle, exchanging movements and sound and the invisible threads that link us all together became stronger with our attention. And that’s of course the magic of the dance. As in life, what we give our attention to grows. And in the dance, when we really dance, we are surrendering to the creative force of life and letting it move us, all of us, body, heart and mind, roots, trunk and branches. When we add our intentionality to that process, we consent to being part of the ongoing dance of creation. Throw in a little yin and yang, invite the elemental forces of this earth to join in, breathe deep, expand, contract, create, be created and create again. Anna Halprin says that dance is the breath made visible. Even more than that, dance is our dreams made physical. It’s through engaging the bones and muscles, the fluidity and the empty spaces of the body that we are able to give form, movement and life to the experience of human being. And in Movement Medicine, we are all invited again and again to dive into this most creative of creative processes. Think it, feel it, dream it, dance it, become it and yes, build that bridge between the dance floor and the stage of life.

Those of you who have been working with us will know how passionate we are about bringing the freedom, creativity and imagination that lights up inside us and between us when we dance, into the day-to-day challenges of being human in the 21st century. Integration is a key word for us and we are always fascinated by the latest research about how change happens (or doesn’t). If you’ve done a longer workshop with us, then for sure, you will already have your list of incantations, self-created and designed to change the neural pathways in thought, feeling and action that no longer serve the sense of who you are. You will know how important we feel it is to take the power of what happens in the safety of the workshop into all areas of life. You will no doubt have heard us talking about the importance of practice and repetition. Indeed, a lot of the very foundations of Movement Medicine were put in place in answer to the question: ‘Of all the crazy things we’ve done and experienced, which of them made the most difference in terms of our own empowerment, taking of responsibility and, ultimately, living the dreams we came here to live?’

Integration is a challenge. It takes time. No doubt about it. We rise, we fall, we follow through, we forget, we make good choices that support the deepest threads of who we are to shine and make a difference. And we do things that dull us and place us back firmly in the known ground we have trodden again and again. I think it’s called being human.

I’ve spent years trying to explain what fun discipline can be. But this week, I had a little insight. Try as I may, discipline (in the spiritual practice sense of the word) just isn’t sexy to most folk! There we were, Sari, Jasper, Anne and myself, sitting by the fire at about 3am. It was raining. The wind came and went and the forest next to us was alive with the mysteries of the night. We could hear singing and the quiet murmur of prayers or conversations with death that were taking place in the graves spread out like rays of the sun from the fire. I was deep in the trance of the ceremony. Occasionally, in my imaginal world, I saw a soldier dying in the First World War and reached out a hand to him, offering him the warmth and light of the fire. The ceremony was taking place in the Ardennes, which was the unfortunate venue for some of the horrors of trench warfare, and I’ve had this experience before doing other burial ceremonies here. Death focuses the mind I find. And there, in the rain, with the hiss of the wet wood releasing its sunlight and keeping us warm, I found myself wondering, how would it be if we recognised that our whole existence is a creative project that we are invited to direct? Not just the workshop part of it, but all of it. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to stop playing a role in someone else’s movie and remember who we are and what we are here for? Wouldn’t each day and every situation seem like the deepest invitation possible to create with life. After all, human beings are born to create and indeed we do. All the time! We create through our choices, our feelings, and our actions or sometimes lack of them. We create through the story we tell about who we are and what life is. And what is life if it is not an invitation to participate in creation? And what is healing if it is not an invitation to remove whatever gets in the way now of joining in fully? And what is Movement Medicine if it is not a way to bring these things together. So dear dancers, creators, creatresses, that’s the autumn equinox news I received from the 3D fireside as my brothers and sisters took full hold of the opportunity that lying in your grave can offer!

Dance, on the dance floor or on any other floor for that matter, is an opportunity to remember what gets your juices flowing. The body moves, rhythm speaks through the bones, the muscles stretch and warm, the sweat forms and runs, awareness awakens in this present moment and the intelligence of life that dreams us takes hold of the body and then what….? The dreams and hopes that get stuffed into the tight corners of our unvisited internal orchards, where the beautiful fruits of our imagination rot and create the acid rain of disappointment and despair, wake up. We get the scent of freedom in our animal noses and we dare to dream again. We remember what matters most to us and we see clearly that the life planned out for us, that offers nothing but more and more deadly consumption to desperately try to fill the emptiness where the soul used to dwell, is truly somebody else’s dream. And then the fun can start. And even though it sometimes hurts to dare, and even though we run the risk of exposure, the dancer in us demands that we bring our care for the life that lives us to the surface, to a place where it can be seen and heard, a place where it can take charge and direct the life we are living. A life lived is full of tenderness. And what tenderness when we look up, and we keep moving, and the tears flow, and the rage cracks the mask of detachment. And what a blessing when someone is there, in their own dance, daring to look, and daring to be seen and daring to bring their dreams too from the anonymous safety of nowhere land into the broad light of day. Dreams that stay locked inside remain perfect, unspoilt, untouched by contact with reality and of course, uncreated. Dreams that the dancer inside us risks bringing into form will change. What creative project ever stayed the same when it moved into relationship with reality? That’s the delightful danger of creating. Just like that perfect sunrise that has already changed before you can get your camera out and capture it, just like the dance, change is the only constant.

So perhaps it’s time, as the autumn does its dance, to recognise our role as co-creators. Maybe it’s time to liberate ourselves from the lists of things to do to improve who we are. Maybe it’s time to recognise that the whole of life is one big creative project. And the more we are willing to design it, the more in to it we will be. Our practice then becomes something else. It becomes a joyful place to rock up, listen in, connect to the creative source, remember what matters and juice it all up with a little rhythm and shape. We can stop trying to be good practitioners and wake up to the creative task of the moment. Whatever it is, dance with it, create with it. Enjoy!

I hope to see you somewhere on a dance floor or perhaps at our next webinar on October 4th when you can shut the door, wear whatever you want, and join in with a whole bunch of dancer/co-creative/imaginal dreamer types from all around this beautiful world wide web not afraid of a little dance action. Hope to see you there. Our first webinar was attended by over 180 of you from 18 countries. Let’s see where we can take this thing. All power to your yin and yang thing.

Ya’Acov DK.

Autumn Equinox 2011.

Get on Your Bike
By Susannah

I had been a bit sceptical about the webinars, I must admit! I had anticipated that I might feel rather awkward speaking to people who I could not see, who are in different rooms scattered across the world. And I didn’t now how it would be for you, tuning in for a Movement Medicine moment of dubious sound and visual quality, without us being able to see you and without any explicit contact
between yourself and other participants.

As it made sense, and as another experiment, another enquiry, I was willing, but I really was not expecting the great whoosh of joyous energy which actually arrived as I felt a deep connection and sense of togetherness threading ‘round our globe.

I think I have to update an old general assumption about computers. I tend to think of them as useful in a practical kind of way, but limited in transformational potential. But the way my whole system felt after that webinar was new. Especially after reading your feedback (for which thank you!) and realising how many of you, despite all the technical difficulties, had also felt a sense of connection not only with us and yourself, but with each other and with the energy of that moment of practice and prayer. Wow. I felt my brain changing shape subtly. Widening. “Oh, so this is possible!” It is possible to dance in my own sitting room, with you and you and you. Of course its not the same as looking into your eyes and letting our dances take off together, or giving you a hug, but then that is not the same as being able to dance in my own context, with my life around me, and simultaneously connect to a wider dancing web.

So, the dancing world wide web takes another step! I want to thank Ya’Acov for having the vision, and Roland for getting behind it, and I must appreciate Ya’Acov’s techno confidence and competence to actually make it work! And I want to thank all you out there for your interest and support and patience with the technical hitches (thanks for your feedback- all of it, both about that which worked and that which didn’t – all very useful- thank you!), and I’m grateful that my own spirit decided that the occasion was fun and an open channel for good medicine. YEAH!

And there is another exciting and connected web supported possibilities coming up:

Mosaic Earth - Make your love visible!

Mosaic Earth is a beautiful picture of the globe, each pixel of which is an individual expression in a visual and in words, of someone’s care for the planet and the future of life on earth. This piece of evolving global art is designed to bring courage and inspiration for all humans working towards a sustainable and peaceful human presence on the earth, and specifically to mandate and support negotiators at the Climate Change summits to be more courageous, co-operative and to take the steps needed.

We intend it to be a huge, strong, creative and empowering message from millions of people of earth to billions of people on earth, including the policy makers. From the people, for the people, by the people. It is growing daily, and soon will have its next upgrade to make it even more clear, beautiful and easy to use.

The Mosaic has got some great partners out there, but the real power of this global, creative and artistic pictogram is all the individual voices which together make such a powerful chorus. So that means YOU! Please make it even more powerful and beautiful, add your picture, your message, your energy, your colour to the whole, and tell your friends, spread the word! Thank you!!!!

To do so go to the Planet Earth pages of our website:

And click on Mosaic Earth. To upload your picture and message, click on “Tell the World”. Have fun!

So, after all the isn’t the web amazing stuff, the other side. It’s amazing and yet it isn’t full blooded 3 D life, and I start to feel too two dimensional, tired and yet jangled when I spend too long plugged into my dear computer. We were inspired by the using the Bike scheme bikes in London this summer, and since then have been doing much more of our local getting around at home on our bikes. With all the hills where we live, it’s easy to give ourselves a good puff and sweat everyday, our dog a good run, and it feels wonderful. A great complement to the dance and almost as fast into own as the car!

So big thanks to the creators of the bike, the web, the dance of life itself. See you Tuesday night or somewhere soon I hope!

Love and blessings!


Simple gifts

By Mark Boylan

I was driving to teach a movement class and switched the radio on. A song was playing with a tune I was familiar with but with different words. The lyrics of the song – Simple Gifts - seemed to sum up some of the fundamental principles that underlie Movement Medicine

The programme I was listening to was part of series called Soul Songs. In this series a song that is significant or inspirational is chosen, the background to the song is explored and people are interviewed who have a strong soulful connection with it. The familiar tune was that to a modern Christian hymn called ‘Lord of the Dance’.

This was a song that I loved as a child with its image of Christ or god as a dancer continually in motion. Perhaps it planted a seed that grew into a passion for dance that led me to becoming a dance teacher. As much as I had fond memories of this song the repeated reference to the male language of a ‘Lord’ and ‘he’ was something that I felt uncomfortable about. So I was please when recently, Susannah passed on to me a ‘Celtic’ version in which the lord of the dance is a ‘she’ and the celebration of the earth, the sun, moon and stars sits more easily with my current spirituality.

But here I was listening to a different set of lyrics entirely and ones that spoke in a beautiful and poetic way of an inspirational vision for life. On the radio programme they explained that the tune of the Lord of the Dance was actually from an old Shaker spiritual called ‘Simple Gifts’. The Shakers were a radical Christian community that emerged in eighteenth century England a time like today when society was rapidly changing. They challenged the idea that God was exclusively male, women and men jointly led their communities as equals and they pioneered collective ownership and the type of mutuality that is found in workers co-operatives today. Music, song and dance were central to their spiritual practices. They shared with other radical spiritual groups the revolutionary belief that people did not need to have priests or others to be in relationship with God but could directly communicate with spirit.

Here are the lyrics:

'Tis the gift to be simple, 'tis the gift to be free

'Tis the gift to come down where we ought to be,

And when we find ourselves in the place just right,

‘Twill be in the valley of love and delight.

When true simplicity is gain'd,

To bow and to bend we shan't be asham'd,

To turn, turn will be our delight,

Till by turning, turning we come 'round right

One of the things I love about dance and movement is that it brings us back to simplicity of who we are and through the dance we can find ‘our place’ in which relationship to others and the world is easy. On the radio they interviewed a present day Shaker elder about the song ‘Simple Gifts’ and its origins The reference to turning around described how the song was to be danced to. But turning around in both the song and associated dance symbolised a profound Shaker belief. We all come into the world, so the Shakers said, with simple gifts, our own unique contribution to make to the world. But sometimes these gifts would get ‘turned around’ the wrong way. Part of the spiritual journey is to turn these gifts the right way round so they and ourselves can come out right.

Anyone who has taken the Phoenix journey with Susannah and Ya’Acov will see the connection with Movement Medicine. We can give ourselves a hard time about the traps we fall into or the loop tapes we play to defend ourselves, what in Movement Medicine are called ‘understudies’. Alternatively we can practice a radical acceptance towards ourselves and by doing so turn our understudies into players who can bring their gifts to the world in wholesome way.

The Shakers reference to bowing and bending does not mean to bow and bend to God or to other people. After all many of them risked their lives when they left England because they did not want submit to unjust political or religious authority. Rather their invitation is to bow and bend to the simplicity of putting our gifts to work, to making our contribution and to labouring for our communities. And the Shakers advise us that the process of coming out right and making our contribution can be delightful.

The Shakers arose at a time when the industrial growth society was first developing. Perhaps, they offer us a clue as to how we can look to turn around the gifts of modern society so they can come out right and to rediscover a simpler life that values work as a soulful expression rather than a commodity to be traded.

When contemplating the Shaker legacy I have wondered about what other wisdom and teachings of our ancestors we are ignorant of or have been turned around or twisted in some way. Each October around Samhain/Halloween for the last seven years I have offered a space to connect with Ancestors in movement. This year I am taking the theme ‘Ancestral Gifts’ and offering an invitation to dance with both those gifts that we recognise and welcome and also those we do not know about or have come to us turned around. Some of these gifts may be part of our personal lineage others may be present in our social and cultural heritage. Perhaps, like the gifts of the Shakers some are hidden, waiting to be rediscovered to offer us wisdom and guidance in these changing times.

Mark Boylan

Mark Boylan is one of three Pathfinders who have been teaching Movement Medicine over the last 18 months and is assisting Susannah and Ya’Acov on the first Movement Medicine teacher training. Ancestral Gifts takes place on 9th October 2011 in West Yorkshire, England. You can contact Mark via

The Soul Songs programme on Simple Gifts can be found at

This month's winner of £100 School of Movement Medicine workshop voucher

By Véronique

Once Upon a time, a human being, female sex, frightened but also fascinated by what’s going on after… life, decided at last minute to book for Burial ceremony, in the country of her feminine lineage. Last chance to die… To go there, I drove, hair in the wind, free and full of imagination from how would be the ceremony.

When I stopped at the place, surprise, it was the end of the road. No chance to escape… Fortunately, others companions came for the same reason, and a powerful and kind team to support us. For days, we danced, dreamt together, dug our grave in a field while beautiful and peaceful horses were looking in our direction. The field became a cemetery as birds in the trees were singing - maybe laughing - at those human beings sweating by digging their grave before dying.

During the preparation process, my body became heavy, even cold, and I went into deep state of dreams. All kind of family stories, especially from my mother lineage, and fear of childhood, even before, in the mother’s womb.

When the graves got ready, rain started to fall. We were on Sunday. The night was falling while flames from the fire rise to the sky, the tempo of the drums beat. Time to enter in the grave, time to meet death… with no clock, no mobile phone nor Ipod but a flashlight, a warm duvet, layers of clothes, and a hat.

As I came in my grave, very slowly, no hurry to be facing death, and as one of the companions was covering my grave with earth, I suddenly went into panic. The beat of my heart overtook the ones of the drums. Ya’Acov came, spoke to me with kindness. But I screamed so loudly that I could wake up dead people… I finally got extra free space in my grave. Then I relaxed and even slept as a newborn child. I could feel the support of mother earth, warm. As I call the form of benevolent death to be present, the teacher of life, I also felt peace, and light. What a surprise while my representation of death was black, cold and dangerous.

In the middle of the night, while Ya’Acov came close to each grave, asking how we were, as he was closed to mine, I hear him:

- Véronique, you are very sensitive.

Me: - I know. Why do you say that?

Ya’Acov: - It’s time for you to develop your strength alongside your sensitivity..

Me: - I remember when I was a child my sister was calling me Bamboo.

Ya’Acov: - Bamboo! Great! You know that a bamboo is stronger than steel!

Me: - No.

Bamboo, stronger than steal! That was the last words I heard from outside. I spent the rest of the night between dreaming, being awake, praying, singing, writing. I felt so peaceful, so supported and healed in the earth with mother and father, the matter and the spiritual.

In the morning, while the sun rises, I heard the beat of the drums outside. Time to go out, time to reborn!

The last day, while I was walking to the field, and singing “ When I reborn, I am so strong, Than a bamboo, Stronger than steel”, I suddenly saw an animal lying in the grass. A baby deer was dead. I felt deeply touched when I saw that she was exactly on the same direction than my grave. She remembered me the story of Bambi when I was a child. As we did her funerals, I dedicated my experience to Bambi who died on the land of my mother’s lineage.

I would like to thank you all my companions, the team, and I would like to thank you Ya’Acov.

Back home, I feel alive, full energy and joy, and strong as a Bamboo.


Mini Vision Quest at Hengill; the volcano, Þingvalla, Iceland
By Maria Edit Antal

What does your soul dream? What are you here for? Closing her eyes she is asking deeply the question. When she opens her eyes, a black caterpillar is drawing her attention, investigating her black bag, continuously in movement and tentatively finding its way.

Let´s try this way. I am climbing up here. Oh there is no way further. Maybe if I bend the other direction I will find a way. No, ok I just back off the way I came. Oh this feels good, interesting, yes I climb here. Well this is not leading me anywhere either. I will just make sure by reaching out into the air over here, no, ok, over here then, no, that's it. I just turn back then. It was a nice experience though. I enjoyed this way a lot. What about this way? Yes I can climb this way very far, this is fun! What now, a finger, interesting, I try this. This is strange but it is ok. Now I feel some light straws of a woollen sweater. No, no, no. Those I can not climb up on. They are too light and I am too heavy for them. They feel uncomfortable I better back off. It is nicer to climb on the black. I feel safe here. I like this. Where can I climb now? I can't cling to this. I will back now. Here I am crawling. Well I had enough of this bag. Now I am crawling back to the grass. This straw is good to crawl on. I crawl all the way to the top of it. Now let´s see, is there an other straw nearby this one that I can reach out to? I am reaching out and I am reaching out and I am reaching out. I can´t find and other straw. No. No other straw. I don´t get anywhere being here. I better turn back. I am crawling back. I sense an other straw. Yes I crawl on this one. Wow it is moving! See if I can find something to grab. I am reaching out and I am grabbing a blueberry leaf. Interesting. I crawl on the edge all the way around. Is there anything else I can grab? I reach out here, no, then I reach out this way then, nothing nearby here either. I just keep on crawling. Yes here is an other leaf. With whole body awareness the caterpillar moves successfully, 10 cm in 20 minutes in the grass. 

What medicine does the caterpillar bring her she thinks?

It is all right to back off. It is a natural movement to turn back when intended direction is not possible. Intended direction that is impossible is also natural and therefore not wrong, on the contrary maybe even practical. Who knows? At a certain point the impossible intention might open for a new way, if circumstances change, and therefore an important part of the creative process.

The thought comes to her mind: My nature is like the caterpillar in movement, adventurous, curious, playful and tentative. What a beautiful vision. Tears are running down her cheeks. Thank you she says.

How can I play and investigate my daily life, free like the caterpillar? I need to move. I need to trust my body awareness. It is good to make mistakes. It is good to be tentative. It is good not knowing. If I am not allowing myself to make mistakes when facing the unknown I will freeze, not being able to move. Rain and stillness blesses her.

She meets the butterfly on the top of the mountain. The evening sun is shining on its bronze wings. Its antennas are long and it rests a very long time before it takes off into the air, flying high. What  message does the butterfly bring her? It is necessary to rest and be still before you fly. Thank you she says as she is walking down the mountaintop with her head lifted to the sky, receiving in her heart the beautiful and still lake of Þingvalla.

Maria Edit Antal

Movement Medicine – How to Awaken, Dance and Live Your Dreams

Reviewed by Wendy Stokes

We have seen with delight the paintings of the dancing girls of ancient Egypt and we know that King David danced before the Ark of the Covenant, so it is with acceptance that we take a modern journey of the dance of life that connects us with all life forms. Susannah and Ya’cov Darling Khan are dance specialists and their comprehensive knowledge is presented in an articulate and interesting self development course.

Guided meditations are provided that use movement and dance to enter an inner and personal space which allows healing and rejuvenation whilst the art and creativity of self expression through movement is described. Movement is instinctive and therapeutic and necessary for our physical, emotional and mental health. Dance also encompasses the spiritual dimension and is the next step to joy and exhilaration. Review published in Eternal Spirit Magazine issue 10

Wendy Stokes is a Therapy, Course, Conference, Card, Book and Music Reviewer


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