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Issue: October 2011
Get on Your Bike

By Susannah

I had been a bit sceptical about the webinars, I must admit! I had anticipated that I might feel rather awkward speaking to people who I could not see, who are in different rooms scattered across the world. And I didn’t now how it would be for you, tuning in for a Movement Medicine moment of dubious sound and visual quality, without us being able to see you and without any explicit contact
between yourself and other participants.

As it made sense, and as another experiment, another enquiry, I was willing, but I really was not expecting the great whoosh of joyous energy which actually arrived as I felt a deep connection and sense of togetherness threading ‘round our globe.

I think I have to update an old general assumption about computers. I tend to think of them as useful in a practical kind of way, but limited in transformational potential. But the way my whole system felt after that webinar was new. Especially after reading your feedback (for which thank you!) and realising how many of you, despite all the technical difficulties, had also felt a sense of connection not only with us and yourself, but with each other and with the energy of that moment of practice and prayer. Wow. I felt my brain changing shape subtly. Widening. “Oh, so this is possible!” It is possible to dance in my own sitting room, with you and you and you. Of course its not the same as looking into your eyes and letting our dances take off together, or giving you a hug, but then that is not the same as being able to dance in my own context, with my life around me, and simultaneously connect to a wider dancing web.

So, the dancing world wide web takes another step! I want to thank Ya’Acov for having the vision, and Roland for getting behind it, and I must appreciate Ya’Acov’s techno confidence and competence to actually make it work! And I want to thank all you out there for your interest and support and patience with the technical hitches (thanks for your feedback- all of it, both about that which worked and that which didn’t – all very useful- thank you!), and I’m grateful that my own spirit decided that the occasion was fun and an open channel for good medicine. YEAH!

And there is another exciting and connected web supported possibilities coming up:

Mosaic Earth - Make your love visible!

Mosaic Earth is a beautiful picture of the globe, each pixel of which is an individual expression in a visual and in words, of someone’s care for the planet and the future of life on earth. This piece of evolving global art is designed to bring courage and inspiration for all humans working towards a sustainable and peaceful human presence on the earth, and specifically to mandate and support negotiators at the Climate Change summits to be more courageous, co-operative and to take the steps needed.

We intend it to be a huge, strong, creative and empowering message from millions of people of earth to billions of people on earth, including the policy makers. From the people, for the people, by the people. It is growing daily, and soon will have its next upgrade to make it even more clear, beautiful and easy to use.

The Mosaic has got some great partners out there, but the real power of this global, creative and artistic pictogram is all the individual voices which together make such a powerful chorus. So that means YOU! Please make it even more powerful and beautiful, add your picture, your message, your energy, your colour to the whole, and tell your friends, spread the word! Thank you!!!!

To do so go to the Planet Earth pages of our website:

And click on Mosaic Earth. To upload your picture and message, click on “Tell the World”. Have fun!

So, after all the isn’t the web amazing stuff, the other side. It’s amazing and yet it isn’t full blooded 3 D life, and I start to feel too two dimensional, tired and yet jangled when I spend too long plugged into my dear computer. We were inspired by the using the Bike scheme bikes in London this summer, and since then have been doing much more of our local getting around at home on our bikes. With all the hills where we live, it’s easy to give ourselves a good puff and sweat everyday, our dog a good run, and it feels wonderful. A great complement to the dance and almost as fast into own as the car!

So big thanks to the creators of the bike, the web, the dance of life itself. See you Tuesday night or somewhere soon I hope!

Love and blessings!


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