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Issue: October 2011
Mini Vision Quest at Hengill; the volcano, Þingvalla, Iceland

By Maria Edit Antal

What does your soul dream? What are you here for? Closing her eyes she is asking deeply the question. When she opens her eyes, a black caterpillar is drawing her attention, investigating her black bag, continuously in movement and tentatively finding its way.

Letīs try this way. I am climbing up here. Oh there is no way further. Maybe if I bend the other direction I will find a way. No, ok I just back off the way I came. Oh this feels good, interesting, yes I climb here. Well this is not leading me anywhere either. I will just make sure by reaching out into the air over here, no, ok, over here then, no, that's it. I just turn back then. It was a nice experience though. I enjoyed this way a lot. What about this way? Yes I can climb this way very far, this is fun! What now, a finger, interesting, I try this. This is strange but it is ok. Now I feel some light straws of a woollen sweater. No, no, no. Those I can not climb up on. They are too light and I am too heavy for them. They feel uncomfortable I better back off. It is nicer to climb on the black. I feel safe here. I like this. Where can I climb now? I can't cling to this. I will back now. Here I am crawling. Well I had enough of this bag. Now I am crawling back to the grass. This straw is good to crawl on. I crawl all the way to the top of it. Now letīs see, is there an other straw nearby this one that I can reach out to? I am reaching out and I am reaching out and I am reaching out. I canīt find and other straw. No. No other straw. I donīt get anywhere being here. I better turn back. I am crawling back. I sense an other straw. Yes I crawl on this one. Wow it is moving! See if I can find something to grab. I am reaching out and I am grabbing a blueberry leaf. Interesting. I crawl on the edge all the way around. Is there anything else I can grab? I reach out here, no, then I reach out this way then, nothing nearby here either. I just keep on crawling. Yes here is an other leaf. With whole body awareness the caterpillar moves successfully, 10 cm in 20 minutes in the grass. 

What medicine does the caterpillar bring her she thinks?

It is all right to back off. It is a natural movement to turn back when intended direction is not possible. Intended direction that is impossible is also natural and therefore not wrong, on the contrary maybe even practical. Who knows? At a certain point the impossible intention might open for a new way, if circumstances change, and therefore an important part of the creative process.

The thought comes to her mind: My nature is like the caterpillar in movement, adventurous, curious, playful and tentative. What a beautiful vision. Tears are running down her cheeks. Thank you she says.

How can I play and investigate my daily life, free like the caterpillar? I need to move. I need to trust my body awareness. It is good to make mistakes. It is good to be tentative. It is good not knowing. If I am not allowing myself to make mistakes when facing the unknown I will freeze, not being able to move. Rain and stillness blesses her.

She meets the butterfly on the top of the mountain. The evening sun is shining on its bronze wings. Its antennas are long and it rests a very long time before it takes off into the air, flying high. What  message does the butterfly bring her? It is necessary to rest and be still before you fly. Thank you she says as she is walking down the mountaintop with her head lifted to the sky, receiving in her heart the beautiful and still lake of Þingvalla.

Maria Edit Antal

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