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Issue: October 2011

By Roland

While many of you may be planning how you will be spending December 21st 2012 –regarded as significant by many as it marks the end-date of a 5125 year-long cycle of the Mayan calendar, my key date for 2012 will be Aug 17th for which I am already planning  my own ceremony.

Let me explain why. A few weeks ago my brother and his wife came to stay for a few days and we decided that we would visit the newly restored house, Greenway, home of the famous, now dead, crime writer - Agatha Christie. Greenway House is situated in a wonderfully dramatic position overlooking the River Dart in South Devon. As there is limited parking at Greenaway we thought we would drive to the village of Dittisham on the other side of the river and then take the ferry across the river.

The day started well. We wandered about the village and then visited the Ferry Boat Inn for a drink. From the window seat in the bar we watched the tranquil scene of seagulls and sailing boats on the river. They when we had finished our drinks, I noticed that the small ferry was making its return journey back to our side of the river. “Time to go!” I announced and lead my small group at a rather brisk and exuberant pace out of the pub and out onto the wooden quay to meet the ferry.

In contrast to the old stone quay on the far side of the river, the quay on the Dittisham side of the river is quite modern and takes you out to a pontoon which was at that moment slightly lower than the quay due to the height of the tide and so the view of the vessels moored there was slightly obscured. I arrived first at the pontoon and jumped onto a ferry. Now this might have been a good moment for me to question why the ferry I was on was somewhat larger than the craft I had been watching crossing the river from the window of the Ferryboat Inn. I didn’t. Another moment when some questioning might have been in order was when we paid Ł32 for our tickets. Again I didn’t question a thing. I still did not suspect anything was amiss when the ferry did not go directly across the river but instead set a course which took us downstream. “How nice” I thought, “that they are taking the time to give us a good view of the Greenway House from the river before landing us on the other side. Perhaps this is why the tickets were more expensive than I expected”. As the ferry proceeded even further downstream I started to wonder if there was another landing point that I did not know about. It was only as the ferry determinedly set a course away from Greenway that it dawned on me that I had led us onto the wrong ferry and we were in fact heading for Dartmouth several miles downstream.

Now I might have dismissed this incident as another example of a certain kind of chaos which I can find myself in on occasions were in not for the fact that a few days earlier Susannah and Ya’Acov also had an incident with a ferry as a result of a misreading of the ferry times and so found themselves stranded on the island of Jersey for an extra night and consequently necessitating the postponement of the first Webinar for a few days.

This, in turn, led me to find out something about the double-headed Roman God Portunus. In Roman historical terms he is very ancient and is the God of keys, doors, warehouses, harbours and ferries – all very much interconnected matters for a city which was totally dependent on grain imports coming in by boat. There is, in fact, a very handsome ancient temple of his still standing in Rome. And from his name we have derived several English words among which are ‘opportunity’ (the chance to do something), opportune (well timed) and inopportune (badly-timed). It is because the art of time is so vital to us from the moment of our conception though the many pivotal moments in our lives, playing a vital role in shaping who we are and what we do that next year on August 17th – Portunus day - I will be devising a simple ceremony to honour him. The only clue that I have found so far about the ceremony the ancient Romans followed on this day was that it involved throwing keys into an open fire. If anyone out there has any further ideas please let me know. 

The subject of timing is somewhat appropriate in the context of the subject which is the 2nd webinar which will take place at 7.30 UK time on Tuesday 4th of October. Some of you had contacted us to let us know that this time was not good for you and we are pleased to let you know that we will be recording the forthcoming webinar and it will be available for all those who signed up for the series. We will also be adopting a new format for the forthcoming webinar which we are hoping will radically improve the sound quality and hopefully the video quality as well. The webinars are a medium that we will be working with over the next few months as we believe that it offers a way to reach diverse sections of the Movement Medicine community with which we would not normally have contact with. We received a number of emails from people saying how wonderful it was to dance together even though they might be isolated in a flat in an urban environment or within the countryside. We are hoping soon to add a facility to enable participants to talk to each other in small groups by phone after each webinar. To sign up for the webinar please go to

On 7 -9th of October Ya’Acov will be in The Netherlands teaching The Way of the Dancing Warrior. For more details and to book please contact Frank 00 31 71 8893253

I’ve heard from a number of people that they are keen to get to the Move! evening at St Peter’s Church, 310 Kennington Lane, Vauxhall, London, SE11 5HY on the 10th October. We do hope you are able to join them. More details are available at

The following weekend 15- 16th October Ya’Acov will be teaching the new workshop The Arc of Time also in London. With a write-up that reads ‘It’s the Eve of All Hallows, the time of honouring the other worlds. We dance into the dream time to honour where we come from and dream where we will go, with embodied awareness of the aliveness of life now.’ how can you resist being there? To book follow the instructions at or contact Alex 07868842219

Toward the end of this month Susannah will first be in Berlin 15 -16th October teaching Source “Sexual energy is the Source of creation. We have all been given the possibility of experiencing this energy as a powerful and healthy resource for dynamic and inspired living.” Contact Kathrin 00 49 30 28458820 or

Then at the end of the month she will also be teaching The Arc of Time (see above) in Bern, Switzerland. Contact Katriona 00 41 33 676 2708 to book and for more details.

At the beginning of November Susannah will be teaching her voice and movement workshop Resonance in Hamburg.  This workshop is fully booked but there are still places available on the Move! evening on November 2nd.  This should be an exciting evening as it will feature live durmming from master drummer Ben Burrows.  For more details and to book please contact Edgar on 0049 40 1888 65 95

Ya'Acov will teaching in South Africe at the beingging of November teahcing a Moe! evening on the 3rd in Johannesburg and Poetry of Presence on 5-6 in Cape Town.  For more details contact Jayne on 0027 766963527

Then on 16 -19h November Ya'Acov will be teaching The Way of the Dancing Warrior in Israel.  Contact Aviy on 00 972 9 7418203

On 18 -23 November Susannah will be teaching Rock My Soul in Paris.  Cotnact Pierre-Henri 00 33 615 325 816

Wishing you perfect timing in all your endevours

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