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Issue: September 2011
Why do you feel it is your calling to teach yoga / dance?

By Keef Miles

I Know it is my calling to teach Yoga and Ecstatic Dance (Movement Medicine)
To Quote the classic song ‘Amazing Grace’:
‘Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a soul like me
I once was lost, but now I’m found
Was Blind, but now I see’

I struggled though my 20s, lost in the wilderness of hedonistic chaos and agnostic uncertainty. In the background Yoga whispered ‘this way, this way sensitive soul’ and the dance revealed itself in drug fuelled ecstatic revelation. Eventually I found a dance that didn’t require chemicals, but lots of breath, water, movement and relationship (with all of LIFE). At the same time, I found a philosophical/spiritual practice that encompassed all aspects of being human, body, mind, heart and soul – it is called Yoga. The dance of yoga, the yoga of dance.

My primary dance practice became and continues to be Movement Medicine. My primary Yoga became and continues to be Anusara. I am deeply grateful to all of my teachers, especially Joseph and Lillian Le Page for giving me a scholarship to do my first Yoga Teacher training with IYT in the USA, Bernadette Ryder (for guiding me in the early days of my dance), Jonas Westring (for introducing me to Anusara), Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Kahn (for inviting me to Apprentice with The School of Movement Medicine), Bridget Woods Kramer (for her ongoing inspiration love, support, wisdom and generosity in mentoring me towards Anusara Certification), and John Friend (for being such an inspirational and endlessly generous guiding light and loving leader of the Anusara global community). I also want to thank all of my peers, students, friends, family and all Beings everywhere, for being my teachers on this mysterious journey. In the mirror of thee, I see me. Namaste.

Without exaggeration, Yoga (especially Anusara) and Dance (especially Movement Medicine) saved my life, my heath, my sanity. Yoga illumined the path before me and revealed the beauty at the essence of my being. My life purpose was revealed on the yoga mat and the dance floor. I know it is my part of my Dharma, to teach these wonderful practices and I am committed to living them with love, truth and integrity. How could I not share with my friends, family and the wider world the joy, nourishment and fulfillment I have found on this journey. To teach is an honour, a joy and sacred responsibility, and I whole heartedly embrace the opportunity to embody the seat of the teacher, whilst remaining the eternal devoted student. I feel wonderfully grateful and utterly blessed to have found, or have been found by this Yogic path (which for me includes the Dance, like the Shiva-Shakti dance of Nataraj)

No longer lost at sea, I now swim joyfully, mostly, in a pulsating ocean of consciousness.
I pray that I may be able to shine a light in the world and humbly offer my heart and soul to support the awakening of my fellow human beings and encourage playful and respectful co-creative engagement with life, in this great mystery that is the cosmic dance of Shiva-Shakti. Loving the Lila (Divine Play), may I align with life and the divine and give my gifts fully in this life with humility, generosity, courage, grace and gratitude. May I remember the Universal (Being), find deepening self-acceptance and open to Grace again and again, so that Shakti may flow through me optimally, nourishing my life and energizing my Sacred Dream to serve in a sustainable and life-affirming way. May all beings everywhere remember the essence of their Being as Sadchitananda (Blissful Consciouness) and find the courage to live their dreams and Become all that they can Be in this life time. Remembering the sacred interconnectedness of all life, may we find fulfillment (love, peace, purpose and happiness) on this journey
Om namah shivaya. /

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