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Issue: September 2011
Take a Step with Me

By Simric Yarrow

take a step with me

and let it be an awkward never-before step if it must

but take a first step giant leap onto a new planet

maybe it feels like one where the air oozes

medieval restraint, courtly gavottes and shy eyes

but dance a dervish arabesque anyway

and if your waltz freefalls into a poker-faced polka

find your inner dotty bikini

let this world’s warm eddies lift your fluttered lashes

there is a Harlem jive in every girl and boy

there is a child in every tight-hipped stone

(stones have their own low-down funky moves you know, but I’m sure ours are more fun)

loosen that tuxedo, do the barefoot tap

swing your heart over your shoulder and if

it needs to wail from some ancient pond

long obscured by water-weeds and ulcer-aches

know this dance-planet is a sanctuary

and the screaming-streaming is the first flow

the first burst-through bubbling of a spring

on its way to whirling mighty seas

turn your tutu

meet the dolphin-souls around you

feel the sonar-sounding salsa pulsing through your being

trampling demons into wine in a circle of connected flair

we’ll dance a dance to praise the dead

we’ll dance a dance to raise the living into bloom

shaking out the royal jelly in our belly

catching eyes and tossing them back agin in this

the rattle-rolling tangy tangerine tango country

the deep beat heart-heat bleating rippling with promise land

the extra-terrestrial no-shame game galaxy

the lead me backwards in stilettoes and surrender sister solar system

the bird-free on two feet together kingdom

the golden glory catch-me-if-you-can universe

take a step with me

and dance with us

towards yourself

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