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Issue: September 2011
Bringing the Dance Back Home

By Roland

Sometimes I must admit that I feel very envious of Susannah &Ya’Acov; not of their possessions, good looks, dancing or teaching skills but of their ability come up with catchy and appropriate titles for workshop with a seemingly effortless ease that I wish I had. Titles like ‘Way of the Dancing Warrior’, ‘Rock My Soul’ or ‘Dancing with the Heart of the World’ which both encapsulate the content of the workshop and very memorable, are all titles that I wish I had come up with.

And now they have done it again with ‘Bringing the Dance Back Home’ which is the title for the new webinar series. It’s a title which evokes the notion that Movement Medicine is not just about something that you can do out there – in the world outside your normal environment in a workshop or class setting, but is also something that you can practice in your own living room. And at the same time it leaves the reader wondering what is meant by the word ‘home’ in this context.

With the Movement Medicine community spread out in over 40 countries across the world we have been searching for different ways in which we can bring people together. To a certain extent this newsletter and the Movement Medicine Facebook Group can do this. However we think that the webinar offers will fulfil a very different function. Home becomes not just the place where we each physically live but also evokes the place where the heart of the Movement Medicine resides. After all, the workshops are there to support us to bring the freedom and creativity of the dance into our day-to-day lives.

Each webinar will be structured as a proper teaching session and participants will be encouraged to clear a space in so that they can dance. In some places, people have told us that they intend to make an evening of it at a friend's house or even book a hall where they can all dance together with Susannah and Ya'Acov's guidance. We're excited about the potential the webinar format has and we hope you can join us for the first session  (Sunday September 11th at 8.0 pm UK time) which by the way, is absolutely free.  This is a change of date caused by a ferry mix-up which has left Susannah and Ya'Acov stranded in Jersey

To enrol for the first session click here. This will take you to the enrolment page. Scroll down and then click on the registration button. The password is “Move!” Don’t forget to include the explanation mark (!)

If you want to sign up for the whole series of session we are giving people the chance to do this at the reduced price of £25 up till Sept 12thplease click here. This will take you to a PayPal site. (you do not have to have a PayPal account to use this service, instead of logging in click 'continue checkout' and fill in the form). From the 13th September 2011 the price will be £35. You will need to sign up for the free session on the 11thSept separately.

Any problems with the signing-up please contact Roland on 00 44 1803

Talking of catchy workshop titles, many years ago we ran a workshop entitled ‘The Death and Resurrection Show’. We really like the title but in the end felt that it might offend some religious sensibilities. It’s a shame as it was a great title. We are still running the same workshop but now it is called theBurial Ceremony.

There is still a chance to book for this workshop which will be led by Ya’Acov 14 – 21 Sept at Orval in Belgium. This is one of the most healing and practical rituals that we offer. If you would like to read about other participants’ experiences please clickhereTo download an application form clickhere. For any questions please contact Roland 00 44 (0) 1803 762255

Facebook. We learned recently how some dancers in the Movement Medicine community disliked Facebook. Conversely, at about the same time the Movement Medicine Facebook group page seemed to undergo a change with many more people regularly submitting and commenting on posts. If you want to join the over 800 member of the community who are members, just look up Movement Medicine on Facebook and send a request to become a member.

Apprenticeship Programe. The deadline for the second batch of applications for the next Apprenticeship Programme has now passed and there is now a very large pile of application forms waiting for Susannah and Ya'Acov to read through. As for the last Apprenticeship Programme there were many more applicants than we have places for and this will inevitably lead to some disappointment for those who do not get a place this time around. By the way, we've brought the beginning of the third Movement Medicine Apprenticeship Programme forward so that it will now begin in 2014.

Summer Long Dance 2012 We have been to see a new site in Dartmoor National Park and are very hopeful that that we can hold the next Long Dance there. The site is very beautiful and while we will be sad not to be using the EarthSpirit Centre and the land at Bartlett's Farm any more we believe that the new site will provide a better venue. One of the things we are excited about is the opportunities it offers to those with children to be there and have their kids looked after by Chris Salisbury and his team from Wild Wise. Wild Wise run outdoor events and story telling for people of all ages.

Coming up shortly:


TheInitiationworkshop 23 Sept – 2ndOct is now full but it is likely that places will become available. Application forms are availablehere. Contact Roland 00 44 (0) 1803 762255


7 - 9 Oct. Ya’Acov will be teach TheWay of the Dancing Warriorin The Netherlands. Cotnact Frank +31 71

10 Oct. Both Susannah and Ya’Acov will teach aMove!evening in London. Contact Alex +44

15 – 16 Oct. Ya’Acov will be teachingArc of Time. Contact Alex +44

On the same weekend of 15 & 16 Susannah will be teachingSourcein Berlin Contact: Kathrin +49 30

On the last week of October Susannah will be in Bern, Switzerland teachingArc of Time. Contact Katriona +41 33 676

Wishing you an abundant Autumn harvest!


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